Gears 5 Store and Iron

I wanted to talk about the Gears 5 store and about Iron real quick. New characters came out (Chrome Steel Fahz and Chrome Steel Scion) and I think it’s awesome that the Coalition has added this to Gears. It helps support the game and therefore the Coalition itself. But here is my problem with the store. It’s expensive. With a very very slow rate of earning Iron you can forget about getting them for free. Lower the prices or make some changes because I’d love to attain these characters, but I feel like its a smash on my wallet to be completely honest. If you wanted both characters (In US Dollars) you’re looking at $30 not including tax if your buying on Microsoft store. I get it you want to make money who doesn’t, but my point is lower the price and you might find fans happier and MORE people willing to buy characters at a fair price. Gears fans like this if you agree, again it’s not a huge problem or a real big deal at all it’s more of a suggestion that many gears fans and I have discussed,


The question developer probably ask himself is if lowering the price will be beneficial for him. Players base in Gears is not huge in compare to TOP games.

I can afford buying all these gears store skins but don’t do it just because I don’t want be support such high prices. If they lower the prices I will start buying forsure…


Well I believe if they lowered it by lets say $5, then I would think it will be beneficial because more people will buy it I bet. Like you, I will not be buying any skins unless they lower it. I mean heck, I only really want Griffin so I may not buy any skins at all if they don’t bring him back.


Yeah 700 Iron for a flag is crazy, specially when they were free in GOW 4. A lot of the stuff is over priced. I’m saving the Iron I got from Ultimate Game Pass and pre-order for a character itself instead of a skin. Hopefully my main character Baird is earn able or a free reward when he is released.

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Don’t know if i’m allowed to mention another studio or the games they make but a game studio I feel I could relate this kind of store purchasing layout is probably Hi-Rez with their games like Smite or Paladins and how they do skins and cosmetics.
However TC needs to have something similar to what they do to make it more acceptable to players to want them to make such purchases like giving players a few more options.

Examples are to possibly have more options for free iron by playing the game so players have something more to work for and earn, even if its in small amounts like 10 to 25, you can even tie these to the daily TOD events.

Have more skins with a bit of a theme with your store and price them accordingly. I look at the current options and i cant help but feel the chrome sets feel more like recolors and should be Purple rarity worth 500 iron with the new Mac skin looking more like a new skin worth its price but with the wrong rarity.

Cosmetics like blood sprays, banners, marks, etc I feel should always range from 50 to 100 iron based on complexity of the art it shows.

Lastly weapon skins i highly feel you should have the option to buy the full set for all weapons for a discounted price and then have the option to go into a menu to see every weapon individually for anyone who would only want a select few to buy them at a normal reasonable price. Right now in the store I see the chrome skins, but only for the rifles with no option to buy any individually, and you separated out the Lancer and Talon at a exceedingly higher price compare to the bundle they are not even included in. (6 Skins for 1000 Iron, however its 500 for a single gun?) I think it should be more around 50 to 200 for a single gun skin and then if you bought a bundle for a set it could be like 50 to 75% off or something like that.

All opinion based really… and just drawing similarities to other game stores iv’e seen like this. When i think of it more Its kinda weird that F2P games have a better system then a game you would need to otherwise pay for or pay for Game Pass to play.

I am absolutely stunned by the sheer number of random blood sprays, banners, marks and other random bits of fluff TC found down the back of the couch (which probably only take about 3 minutes each to make).

And while i’m sure they have hundreds MORE of them ready to go so they can talk about all the free content they’ve given us later on would it be too much to ask to have even the most basic options change your character’s appearance? Like change the colours or swap pieces of armour in and out?

Even the skins they’re trying to flog for 10+ quid are so embarrasingly plain that it’s at least a relief because I’d rather have nothing than pay for garbage.

I agree with basically everything that was said in this post. Even people on their Instagram post are talking about it, this isn’t some crazy luxury item that people will continue to buy if the price skyrockets. It won’t sell and it isn’t selling that well.