Gears 5 stop working

gears 5 has stop working after closing the game, the only way to make the game playable again is to restart my computer, i even reinstall it and its the same error = game doesnt start after closing = windows 11

I had the same problem today and I fixed it doing a reset to MS store

ok you mean delete the app and reinstall it again
wait a minute didnt i play with you on escape last week lol

I open CMD and wrote wsreset.exe and that solved the problem.

Clock or daily/weekly escape? Anyway, I always try to remember the GT for forum users, but there are so many GT that I can’t remember them all :sweat_smile:

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thanks, because i remember you were on the team = lethal engagements lol

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Yes, I usually play Clock for grind cards, but I play with soldiermxdeath daily/weekly hives.

If that was last week I was playing Pilot as Lizzie

yes i remember lizzie was you lol

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