Gears 5 still worse than 4

Gears 5 is still the most inconsistent peice of trash.

Bullet registration is terrible. Its obvious they effed up tuning once again. The most reliable thing about TC is that they aren’t reliable on any aspect to make this game better.

It’s the same ol one step fwd and three back. Like they forgot everything they worked on the last year!

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Wonder how long this ones gonna stay up


Probably not long. Only Gears worship posts get to last longer than blunt criticism.

Least in honest :tipping_hand_man:


Fair point

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Dude same song and dance for how long ? Lol we get it.

I think TC need to get it lol


Be Constructive - saying “Things Suck/Things are worse” doesn’t give anything that is actionable.

Always check your rants that the items you are talking about are actionable by the team instead of just “Be Better.”