Gears 5 still underrated!

I went to play far cry 6 fully and ac Valhalla. Those were fun and great games. Far cry 6 may be the best far cry to date. Came back to gears 5 and it’s so fun. There really isn’t anything like it at all. For all the hate it gets I just don’t understand.


You just want to watch a war ensue dont you?




I have completed ACV (150 odd hours) Whilst I enjoyed I would say it is the weakest of the new trilogy.

I’m 15 hours into FC6 and having fun, best ? not for me, mainline games I would say 3 (tied with 2) with Primal probably being my fav overall. I am looking forward to playing Blood Dragon again👍

As for Gears 5 being underrated obviously there are three major components of the game:
What do you feel is underrated ? I think for the average gamer who played/plays on GP they would be more than happy with their experience.

When it comes to us Gearheads I would probably agree re not rating the game too highly. I think overall it was an ok package but hoping for a lot more with 6. You have to realise Epic did a brilliant job and I’m unsure TC could ever replicate that. If fairness I happy enough the Gears franchise is still a thing, even though I spend most of my time in the ten year old Gears 3 pvp.


Still my main game gears, horde and escape are life savers when you really cba to sweat it out after work.

Have got back into battlefield 5 also so literally my only two games. Do need to try back4blood properly as I played it for 10 mins and turned it off :rofl:


Gears 5 is a good game overall, it ended up in a really bad spot at launch due to it being one of the first big draws to Gamepass which obviously opened it up to a much larger playerbase that it would of usually garnered and in today’s market if you fall at launch its very hard to regain momentum,

Gears has a very passionate community and negativity is always going to rise to the top of the pile unfortunately, very few people will ever stop what they are doing to come say something positive…


Im looking forward to playing B4B, going to wait until they fix the issues for single player tho, no progress/cards ECT,

If Gears 5 wasn’t such a mess at launch (and a good while afterwards) it would have been received better. It’s gotten far better after that, but it’s left a bitter taste for a lot of people.

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I will watch this thread with great interest.


Ac Valhalla is a better ac game than the previous 2 but its still not a good assassins game, its bloated open world, pointless choices (gender/conversation) don’t belong in AC, its supposed to be
-this is the character
-this is what happened
-this is what they did
All slotted neatly into a certain period

Far cry 6 has a pet crocodile with clothing dlc that franchise peaked at far cry 2 and declined ever since.

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“I’ll grab the popcorn”

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I played 4 hours of fry cry 6 and I was bored as heck. It feels like I’m running through the game with cheat codes on, it’s entirely too easy. No threat at all. Feels like every other game.

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I still love 2, the guns jamming, losing followers permanently , the amount of wildlife, the way you interact with and impact the world.

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  • The ■■■■■■■ people over with the shop too. Bad communication. Dana stepped in way to late to provide context and ease tension over development issues.

5 is awful. Beyond elite its a spam fest of sentries and hubris. A truly shocking episode in a once great game

And wots this pro play u speak of? I suffered your sentry BS and left thru boredom. Jeez guy get real

I did pahanu solo today all 50 advanced with 4 shock sentries only.

Bottom line. …the stats have it. Gears 5 is done. Everyone from 3 left and a few endured 4. But 5 is ■■■■■

This is all I see.



This is the content I expected to see.

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