Gears 5 still crashing/bsod during cutscenes

Hi guys,

Sorry I’ve seen several topics about similar issues but I can’t find an answer.
I’ve been trying to play since launch with a brand new PC with an older Radeon 480rx which is good enough to play at 1440p very high. Except that whenever I play a sequence of the game, during the next cutscene, image will freeze, with sound still on, then sound will stop as well, and then is it’s error GW502 at best, bsod at worst.
In both cases I need to reboot to fix my graphics card.

Of course I’m up to date on all drivers, and with the latest title update still not fixing this I’m starting to lose hope I’ll ever be able to play this game.

Has anyone been able to recover from a similar situation?
Many thanks!

I’m playing on an 8700k/2080ti and my game crashes a couple times a night. It’ll freeze along with sound just stuttering and then i’ll have to restart my computer each time.