Gears 5 Standart Edition Launch?

Hello i bought xbox game pass and i download gears 5 and its says release date is today 9/9/2019 but i try to launch the game and its says "to early try later " when is the launch ??? today ? what time ?

Thanks for the Help !!!

9pm in the earliest time zone in your region

9 pm GMT ?

Your store should show the exact time in it for you.

Unfortunately being Australian I don’t know a lot of the rest of the world timezones very well.

It should be 9PM GMT yes. I got the Early Access and the game became available at that time on Thursday night

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Thank you!

can you help me more where i can see the time because it only appear that is release time 9/9/2019

There should be a time on the Store page for Gears 5. It should be where the Buy/Install button is. It should have the date which should be 9/9/2019, then a time of release. Usually games have 12AM, but Gears should have 21:00/9:00PM

one more question i need to buy xbox ultimate pass in order to play gears 5 pve/pvp??
Because i only have the normal pass

Normal Pass gives you access to the full game the same,

So you are good to go :+1:

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hello envii thks for all the help apreceate :slight_smile: much love for all


You’re welcome :v:

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The only thing you’d be missing with the regualr Gamepass is the Halo and Terminator DLC

He wont miss the terminator DLC, its awarded to people playing up to the first week after launch.

Edit: Specifically Monday 16th September