Gears 5 spoiler will be Canon calling it

Del’s death will be Canon I have a feeling they timed us on the countdown to see who we as a community would save and reading around mostly everyone picked to save JD.
if they go the Wolfenstein route and carry your progress to Gears 6 that will be a big mistake I feel like and make a lot of fans upset


I only let JD leave because of Marcus. I dont even like the guy, I liked Del but apart from us he had noone.


Honestly couldn’t care less about any of the main 3 characters, saved JD though for Marcus. Just wish we could have the old crew back for just 1 chapter in Gears 6 (rip Dom)

I let JD live because there is still more story to tell with him Del nothing really left to tell


I did the same. Marcus has already lost so much, I couldn’t let him lose his son too. It would be a terrible thing to do.


I never really cared for Dom i was a Cole train guy lol

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Del’s death being canon would be a bit stupid if you ask me. It already seemed the more likely choice for Kait to pick Del instead of JD, even when both are her friends. Del accompanied her on the journey when he didn’t have to, and Kait even says there’s no one else she would have wanted to be with there at some point. Meanwhile, JD has only recently been trying to redeem himself which, in my view, makes his death just even more tragic because he was hardly given a chance to do so beyond his actions in Vasgar where he even let Kait take the lead even though he’s technically the commanding officer, being at the rank of Captain.

Not to mention the choice would have been pointless as then the non-canon ending would just be a big what if.


idk just seemed like the story telling is better with JD alive for example Fahz reaction when he finds out about Del’s death and I just don’t know where you can take Del from here unlike JD he still has stuff to prove lets just hope they have one canon Death regardless
not to mention if the community’s first pick comes in to play JD will be the one that lives kind of how we voted carmine to live in gears 3 just different


I chose Del because he reminds me of Dom (even though no one could replace Dom). I also didn’t want Del to essentially be forgotten by the narrative like Dom was. As long as Marcus is alive JD will still have a role. Even when you compare the two endings you can see JD death has more gravity.

It’s also a pretty ■■■■ move of Kate to let the guy who always had her back die the one time he needs help.


My only question is: why would it make players upset to have a choice when Gears 6 comes out? Wouldn’t it be more upsetting to be stuck with only one choice, especially if it’s not the sidekick you saved in Gears 5?


TC backed themselves in a corner with the choice. Doesn’t mean it can’t work, does mean it’ll take a lot to make everyone happy.

The easy way out would be story DLC where we save the “dead” choice by going into a Swarm hive, finding them podded, and rescuing them. Maybe two branching stories depending on who you chose, although the ending would be the same. That’d put Gears 6 back on a linear narrative track. At this point, I’d prefer this as opposed to the alternatives.

If they go full-on Mass Effect and build Gears 6’s narrative dichotomous then I guess that could work. It’d be very hard (and a lot of work for little gain IMO) to create what-if stories for both options, and there would no longer be a set “canon” moving forward.

Worst case scenario, both endings are canon and both characters are relegated to small roles in the new game so TC don’t have to build out different narratives depending on Gears 5’s choice. Unless you hate the new cast, which I’ve seen a lot of lately, since it’ll effectually make JD and Del’s roles interchangeable . . . when they shouldn’t be.



I killed JD Marcus is known for losing loved ones it just seemed right not to mention they said right before they parted ways I’ll see you soon James and James responded count on it just makes Marcus’s reaction to him being dead a million times more emotional

I’d rather them just patch in a third canon choice where she throws the knife at Reyna’s head instead (which would have been the most logical choice to begin with).

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I don’t care what Canon is it’s complete stupid make “choice” thing in Gears of War. Majority of Gears Player want an Linear Story Line. That’s feel like cheap wannabe RPG Game I don’t know they want change something. The “partly open world” was boring too, I mean the world is not filled. Act 1 was so good but later with the partly open world it wasn’t. I was disappointed with the end. It was so rushed.

I think TC ruined the story with “Hey choose your own path/ending”. That’s just my opinion. I wasn’t emotional first time in gears cuz this choice thing. I was just thinking at this moment “why they ruined it whit that ■■■■”.


I picked JD. Both characters are pretty bland to be honest, but JD just seems like hes being made out to be a Marcus clone. I don’t really think it makes much since for either of them to die there (JD just started a character arc and we finally got some chemistry going with Del) but its whateve r I guess.

Time will tell.

First: Reyna has crystals sprouting from her head.

Second: actually you know what, I’ll let smarter people explain it for me.

This first guy was a Marine sharpshooter who has trained Marines and cops.

This second guy just does his research and prefers realism in his entertainment.

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I doubt realism means anything in a fictional game. I would’ve thrown knife at Reyna’s head, even if it’d work or not.


It’s mainly the crystals on her head that deter me. The two videos were provided to show just how difficult a knife kill would be if the knife avoided the crystals.

I’m not sure if this is the same thread, but I have expressed my concerns with the scene as a whole. There are real problems with it. Focusing the knife on Reyna’s head wouldn’t come close to solving those problems.

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I’ve seen it. I was also wondering where Jack was, and why didn’t Del and JD use sidearm? Or one goes first, then the other comes as backup. It could’ve worked.

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I’m still pissed they killed off Anya.