Gears 5 Soundtrack/Menu Theme

Did anyone here liked the Gears 4 soundtrack? I felt like there wasn’t any memorable music in Gears 4 compared to the past Gears. I hoping Gears 5 is better and also the main menu music needs to better.


It was fine for what it needed to do in Gears 4 but yea I hope Gears 5’s is more memorable. The score should be part of the game not be so passive.

I agree, although nothing stood out, I think Gears 3 Ash’s theme was most memorable,

It was good enough for the game but I think G5 will be a step up in quality :raised_hands:

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Gears 2 menu music is brilliant, in fact Gears 1-3 sountracks are excellent. Far more “bombastic” but also nuanced. I would love those in Gears 5. Not so keen on 4 to be honest.

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Gears 2 and 3 had memorable music, yes.
Especially Gears 3 main menu theme, and I’ve listened through all of 'em, like Forever Omen, Creeping Dread, Hangover’s Favourite Son, Into Dust, Gears Keep Turning,… and many more.
I would like to hear better ones than Judgment and Gears 4.
The Trailer’s was already good for starters, Ruelle - Game of Survival.

Yeah, Gears 2 with the menu looked and sounded amazing on my OLED TV !

I don’t think any of the tracks were memorable at all except for the menu music…and the only reason why its memorable is because its super repetitive and kind of annoying

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