Gears 5 Sound issue

Here we are guys, another sound issue I’m afraid, I have a hi end gaming laptop and using a Microsoft dongle for my elite controller and SteelSeries x9 headset for PC or Xbox with no issues, it works amazing with gears 4 on either and any other games but Gears 5.
As you do, you would think it will be no problem on gears 5 so I thought, it should of worked but NO greatly disappointed, being honest gears 5 looks amazing graphically play could of been like 4 as this was perfect, but I feel the game should of been tested further before release in every way possible especially sound,

Issues: breaking up, crackling sound not bearable to play, tried all what everyone said to do 4800hz etc… no joy thinking of putting it away just like Judgement, this is how I’m feeling TC.

Gears 5 is more deficient on sound than Gears 4, no sound when enemy run in your back, no frag grenade sound, no dropshot sound, all you can’t see = no sound, It’s very frustrating situation. The only sound I can listen is my partner … that’s all … all the moment an enemy kill me in the back … yep ! No sound, easy kill !

This game is clearly awfull today and they have no excuse for that.