Gears 5 Social game play

NOOO! This Social Gnasher in classic execution better not go into ranking at all! Get this garbage GOW 4 gnasher away from ranking! If this piece of crap makes it into ranking, I will uninstall my game and throw it away in a heartbeat! DOn’t throw away a clean Gnasher because some troll out there says so. I am not satisfied with this gnasher in social what so ever! The ranking Gnasher is perfect. I won’t play this game ever again if this is the new changes in the gnasher. I won’t buy GOW 6 in the future or any other Gears game ever again if this is the new gnasher! You can kiss my money good bye if this is how the new Gnasher is going to be. Get the garbage out of rank. NOOOO! BAD! you get a smack on your hand. NOOO

Empty threats???

Find out on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z


Lmao this ■■■■ had me dying :joy:
Also love Dbz

Wht did they do to it in tht mode??

I can’t tell if you’re trolling or not, so I’ll just go for the latter.

TC is making changes to more then just the gnasher, besides point blank is stupid OP compared to aiming the gnasher anyways…

So if you hate the new reload, I’m not sure what to tell you, cause it makes no sense why you’d hate something good.

-Bring back the OG Gnasher!

Well on behalf of TC, we cannot go against a strong argument, we accept your denial and won’t be doing it.

Wait, I’m confused :confused: what are they talking about? The Gnasher isn’t different, at least I don’t think.


I’m afraid it is…

Compare gears 3 and gears 5 and you’ll see the difference easily.

BTW, I am trolling someone, not a real complaint.