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Gears 5 so far... not so good

As constructive as possible.

The omen is terrible. I get 1 bullet and my screen is full red. It’s AWEFUL!!! Seriously. Change that ■■■■. It is terrible.

Ping is still stupid. Even in the tech test I’m paired up against el this and de that. I live in central US with 200 down and 50 up and ~15 ping. Can you NOT put me in games with foreigners that have 150-200+ ping? How hard is that?

The input lag for wall bouncing is horrible. It’s really bad.

Kill cams are stupid. First because they don’t even show what happens. I can throw a smoke. Run in and lancer to where I think the guy is, and I die. And on the kill cam, there literally NO smoke on his screen and he’s hitting me 100% missing no bullets because smoke doesn’t register for him.

I keep running to walls and hitting up B to mantle over on people and it just takes cover and my character sits there like an idiot and gets 1 shotted because your game doesn’t register my inputs.

Holding up and pressing A to come off a corner and immediately pulling the trigger does NOTHING most of the time. I don’t shoot and just walk into a shot like an idiot. And then when I respawn I hit a corner and do the same maneuver that I just tried and died from like an ■■■■■■■ and it works. Shot comes out.

And some times I run at some one. Pop up. Pull the trigger. Nothing comes out. Then I die. And In the kill cam it shows me standing there like an idiot doing nothing acting like I’m stupid and then I die. Never shooting.

Your game is severely broken.

Fix this trash.


You seem to have the same philosophy with gears 5 that you did with 4. A ~250 ping is fair game. You really need to stop with that ■■■■. I realize that according to you Gears 4 did better than every other game. And maybe it did. Numbers wise. But that’s only because all the Mexicans swarmed your game and exploited your ■■■■■■ net code to gain an advantage and destroy people who have good internet. And you’re doing it again.

If all you wanted to do was sell gears to Mexicans, just release the damn game in Mexico.

If you want to make a good game, stop catering to EVERY Tom ■■■■ and Harry that might buy the game on a whim and actually make a game worth playing. Your taking on of the greatest franchises in history and casualizing it to the point that no one wants to play your damn game but the laggy people who get added benefits from their ■■■■■■ connection.

It’s not that hard. gears 1, of your connection sucked, you died. 2. If your connection sucked, you died. 3. Your connection sucked, you died.

It wasn’t til you took this franchise over that all of a sudden everyone and their brother with dial up could connect and destroy anyone on a gigabit connection with AOL from 1998.

What’s your deal? Do you even want people to play your game?


lol constructive he says


just so you know theres a feedback thread that TC will look at.


■■■■ Tracy; ■■■■ Grayson; Andy ■■■■.

TC, I think your swear filter needs an adjustment.

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