Gears 5 Snow Part Question

Looking at this part in gears 5 and in gears 1 the lambent wreches blow up your junker, are these similar? I am just guessing.



Have a good day!

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I thought it may have been the forest we flew over while fighting Skorge (while on the way back to Jacinto)

Good observation Ghost!

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Im not sure in the slightest, a wild guess on my part. I presume there would be other forests :stuck_out_tongue:

Could be what you suggested, could be something entirely new :slight_smile:

I was just taking a guess. I am sure someone will find it.

It going to look great on UltraWide monitor.

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I highlight the text then click reply (on PC).

Mobile or PC for you?

We are analysing the appearance of trees.

Terrific :rofl: