Gears 5 skill cards

What’s up with the skill cards, why can’t we scrap the leftovers, my cards are at the highest level and I still have a number of cards I’ve collected underneath the skill cards level, are the skill card levels going to be raised at some point so we can use the leftovers or something, I don’t see why we can’t scrap them and get extra scrap to upgrade cards we haven’t upgraded fully

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Correct. Level 6 skill levels are forth coming.

that’s nice but I hope they do something more than that, such as allowing us to scrap extras, because eventually we will max out some level 6 cards and will be back at the point we are now

I believe cards will auto scrap after maxing level 6.


that would be perfect for me

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It’s still idiotic that we can’t choose to manually scrap cards before then. I have a few cards with over 40 duplicates, and some are skills that I don’t ever use.

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It is idiotic. It’s even worse when we were able to scrap duplicate cards in the last gears. They’ve done it before so why wasn’t it carried over?
TC. Did you get a whole new team to make this gears? Did you pull a Devil May Cry 2 on us? When I look at all the steps backwards in this game it makes me wonder.

I wish we could scrap unwanted supply items.

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It would help if you picked up cards…you actually need…especially on higher difficulties :roll_eyes:

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At least we get cards for the char were using. In gears 4 you could get cards for someone you never played.

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I like the automatic scrapping of cards, it saves time, and i got so bored watching that scene over and over again where you scrap the crap.
As for the Skill Cards themselves, they could do with an overhaul, such as the Baird MG Sentry one, i want it to say Sentries, and not MG Sentries. I am not a fan of MG Sentries, i prefer Shocks, but i feel as though i am required, or need to use the MG Sentry because of the 30% Damage Boost.
Anyone else feel as though their card, or cards needs an overhaul…

Not always the ones you want/need though josh😏

Was this actually confirmed somewhere?

Level 6? Yes.

Cant pick up cards i want playing insane to master…not much chance if you need 20 cards for lvl 6…n i don’t go into the store for this game🙄

They probably do halo😑

TC apparently wants everyone to grind before reaching max level.

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