Gears 5 Signature Brutalities

Like fortnite dances for Gears? Will there be weapons / accessories? Damascus blades and garrot wire for me!

Why do people want to make Gears like COD and Fortnite?


I’d like unique executions based on your Character skin, Raam picks up them up with one hand and stabs them, Marcus stabs them and says “this is for Dom”, Cole does something football related like punted a grubs head off, ect.


I don’t. I think its the comparison to their dances and stuff. This will be TC’s micro transaction ploy. Weekly drops of cool executions. Rip off an arm and beat a character. Peoples Elbow. Slit Throats etc. It will be brutal, and bloody I think.

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Peoples Elbow? Dude…come on…They won’t add any emotes or wild executions. It just won’t happens. The arm rip and beat him with it, yes please.

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Was just and example. I hope they add a wide variety of them. I would lmao off at a peoples elbow drop as an execution.

Because in order for Gears to succeed it must become like EVERY other game out there

I hope they don’t because I actually want them to go back to Gears 2 grim vibes, but man Fortnite dances are the best. I’m not one of the cringelords that does it IRL lmao, but when Fortnite was good, I bought all the dances. It’s the best DLC I’ve ever purchased.

So if it happens, they can complain it isn’t gears anymore?

No dancing

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Do you smellllllllllllllllll, what the COG is cooking???


Maybe their will finally be a Create your own Gear option with customizable things. Probably an option to choose which executions your characters will have. But who knows what is really going on :man_shrugging:t2:

Yes and i also want the luchador diaper oscar/ Wrestler oscar skin back and i will do the elbow drop execution. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: