Gears 5 Shutting down Xbox series X when playing!


I recently managed to get the series X, and when playing Gears 5, the console gets turned off.
could be one hour, or 30 minutes.
i have reinstaled or search every configuration posible for the Xbox but i think its the game.

could you help us for the people that have this problem? is it an issue already reported ?

thank you.

Do a search on the forum. Sorry to break it to you but you have a faulty console.

Microsoft must know and that’s probably why they have been so difficult to get hold of. Damage control.

thank you, gonna research more but i can play for extended hours whit any other game but Gears 5.

It happens on a few other games but to keep a long story short…

I had a console that turned off every time I played gears. I sent it back and the replacement hasn’t turned itself off once.

2 people I play with have had the same issue with xboxs bought when I did, from the same supplier.

2 other friends have had theirs for a year and have never had gears 5 shut down their consoles.


Use the search function in your research.

My buddy had to send his back to Microsoft and they sent him a new one back.

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ok, this was very helpfull.

gonna try to return the series X. Thank you.

Gears 5 is one if the few games that actually uses most the power of the system, if this is happening a lot it’s because the Xbox is dying. My cousin had this same thing where all his other games were fine but gears kept shutting his series x down, eventually the system died and wouldn’t turn on again. Had his system replaced and no more problems. I would call MS for repair

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I second the people above. Just send it back, don’t waste any more time with it. I had to do the exact same thing myself.