Gears 5 should have an advanced bootcamp (Wallbouncing, Up-A,Back-A,Wrap around, Reactionshot, Slapshot)

Bootcamp is just a babies first introduction to gears right now and we need something that teaches people about all these advanced mechanics and helps them to learn them.

I think pros would also appreaciate it for warmups.


It would be nice. I think we are stuck with YouTube, however.:wink:

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Because these things were never intended to be part of Gears of war, the developers leave these things in the games simply because of toxic fan base that would complain if it were removed.


Just give us various sized walls where an enemy is sitting on the other size and such. It can just be a very open ended arena with some enemies scattered around. Or let us build one and place non-aggressive enemies in the map builder.

But yeah I was very disappointed at how useless the bootcamp was for anyone who has played Gears literally at all. I’m not exaggerating, that tutorial is useless so long as you’ve played for 1 hour. It needs to have a practice arena too


What about teaching people when and how to Lancer? Or help newer players learn when its a good idea to push and when it might be better to seek another position and rotate?

OR tell them in this game as long as both of you has damaged the enemy you both get credit for the elimination now so they can take or give up the kill and move onto the next target.

Need to know both sides of the fight in order to be able to formulate plays and counter strats.


Perhaps the quickest way to scare off newcomers that I’ve ever seen.

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I’ve been playing gears since 2006 and I never really learned up A or anything like that and I’ve always felt pretty confident with my skill level. That being said if I could find better tutorials I would love to learn this stuff since I’m trying to be a more aggressive and competitive player. Does anyone recommend any videos for me to watch?

Dutchonidas has some pretty well put together movement & skills tutorials. Up As will be in there among other things.

Modded Talent and Domez also

Lots of others I’m probably forgetting. Been a while since I’ve watched any

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Thank you! I appreciate this! I’ll check them out and see what I learn!

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Also, It doesn’t help that some of the moves you do learn in bootcamp aren’t available in ranked at the moment.

Here’s an example… though i don’t think it’s intended:

There´s a difference between game basics and a game exploit. So obviously the game will not teach you that as a basic.


Yeah this is one of the first things I noticed about the different mechanics. I didn’t realize how often I slide while coming out of a roll until I played the tech test.

If they’re going to allow all of the other advanced mechanics then why did they put this delay in? Makes no sense. The movement itself is slow and clunky enough for my taste.

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Absolutely, a lot of people are complaining that the game feels cumbersome and clunky. Among other problems, I think this delay issue is partly to blame for a lot of that talk. I couldn’t put my finger on what was wrong at first, but i knew something was up.

Like you, I didn’t realize the importance of that move in order to maintain fluid movement in many situations. Also, yes, why put most of the advanced moves in, but leave out this beginner level move? It has got to be a bug!

Draw attention to this. I hope the coalition will address it.

Anyway, these things are still in the game although devs acknowledged these exploits a decade ago.
It makes apart of the learning curve and it is required to rank up at some levels.

The Coalition and even Epic have always struggled to find a way for incomers not to be frustrated when experienced players kill them.
The thing is, they always tried to change the balance, to introduce counter weapons, delays, cooldown etc …

But what if the solution would be to give the new players the tools to learn progressively how to master close range combat ?
I think a casual player would never search for a tips and tricks tutorial on youtube, watch it and then exercise on private lobby.
But maybe if the game itself gave him the opportunity to improve, he would.

Then the community would remains longer and less divided, maybe Esports would grow a little as everyone would at least be able to understand what pros are doing from a technical point of view, and new players could be interested in performing in LAN.

I can’t see any negative effect an advanced bootcamp could have.
The real question is : Why not ?


Perhaps maybe they secretly hate these exploits themselves since it was never originally intended to be part of the franchise and they figured by not making official tutorials it’s their way of giving the people who constantly abuse these exploits the giant middle finger in some way :laughing:

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Wow, if so they are really pissed ^^
Rod certainly have nightmares of IRL players endlessly wallbouncing around him

Or crab walking like in the old days of Gears 1 :laughing:

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i honestly thought that the bootcamp was gonna have a lot of that stuff in it. having just normal gameplay stuff seems kind of pointless


It’s never pointless to for people that are completely new to the franchise.

The amount of people that did not pick up during the tech test…when you’re right next to them as well.

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