Gears 5 Servers 60hz Tickrate!



Thank the heavens

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Wow, amazing change!

Gears should benefit massively from this.

Biggest news so far. This is going to improve the game immensely.

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good news,
I hope that is forever

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I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read it. I’m so hopeful!

Yo!! Best news so far!!

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So why didn’t they just lead with this?

Their marketing is like Escalation. Starts off slow and empty and gets more interesting as it goes on.

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Best news so far.

Here’s to hoping that along with a fresh netcode that doesn’t allow fluctuations to ruin it for others makes this game great.

One can dream!


What i not Understand Ryan Cleven Writes
" Gears 5 trivia - the eleague tournament is the first to run on our new 60hz servers. It’s one of the things that helps the game run so smoothly."

But the eleague tournament is Play on Lan or not?

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I remember when Ryan said that Gears 4 didn’t need 60 Hz servers, and the lower refresh servers were enough.

How times have changed.

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But wasn’t the eleague played on Lan?

That’s what I was wondering.

That may explain why there was an actual disconnect during the event?

Yeah, the higher the quality of the theoretical performance on the happy path connection the greater the (negative) impact when you factor in the real world reality of third world internet infrastructure…

Let’s see… I’ll be expected more micro teleporting from laggy players…

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Even if we have 60hrtz I still don’t think it will make a difference when people from other regions are playing on Your Server😔

I didn’t know you owned Microsoft Azure Servers?