Gears 5 server question

Anyone living down south, Louisiana, Texas, ect, have you experienced a increase in ping? iv went from 30ms to 80 ms in the past few weeks. are there known server issues or server removals or… when viewing my server from the main menu (South Central US), it shows 32ms, but when joining a game, that being ranked, social, or even customs, I’m at a locked 80ms. (I have my matchmaking set to “Lower ping”) Just curios if this is just me, or others experiencing the higher pings. I don’t have any lag in game, just a higher ping. odd :thinking:

Played yesterday (northeast) had the packet loss symbol during two matches where I was a bot.

Both matches ping was around 40- 50ms and during the packet loss symbol was 70-75ms.

While on Apex yesterday I had no Ms higher than 35. And no lag spikes.

Sucks but it is what it is with Gears now.

Mine has been constantly fluctuating.

Always 5-10ms.

Now up to 40-60.

But no other game has this.

I get a game 5-10

Next match same, 40-60.

But yeah, only other game sometimes is Rocket League I get wild ping.

Apex and Warzone are fine.

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