Gears 5 Server Maintenance 11/14 and 11/15

Hey everyone,

We will be performing scheduled server maintenance beginning on 11/14 at 10 AM PDT and again on 11/15 at 10 AM PDT. We expect the service to be fully available at 11 AM PDT (maintenance will be running for an estimated 60 minutes each day). During this time MP modes, inventory, and customization are likely to show issues. Thank you for your patience.

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Hope this fixes the different pings i keep getting to eu servers.

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Wow I didn’t think there was anybody left working at TC doing anything with Gears 5 other than some hamsters lol


Really happy to see this. Looking forward to being able to play again.

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Settle down, people. I know it’s exciting to hear from our mysterious Studio but don’t expect plain sailing after this maintenance is complete.

It’s just unhealthy optimism.


This is the object I am about to use to silence you. It was considered very effective in the Paleolithic time period.

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I appreciate this very much. Thank you.

Thanks for the update.

Aren’t you West Coast US? And isn’t Kazuya in England?

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Go back to rust.

Clearly you’ve never seen my rock tossing abilities

@eviljas247 I will do no such thing.

I was under the assumption that there weren’t any server issues whatsoever and that everything had been working exactly the same as it has been since the launch of the game.

I for one, am shocked.


You probably believe this is the first time they’ve done maintenance.

Moreover, I bet you believe this will fix something for good.

As our very own Geographical Expert has suggested, that would be quite the feat to be able to throw it from there and silence me.

You’d have to build up some amount of energy from Sh00bie Snacks.

I’d be impressed though and may remain silent for milliseconds.

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Does this have anything to do with big head OSOK?

Lol I got on and been confused why OSOK is bighead mode by default, didn’t expect mode changes at this stage.

I cannot remember the last time there was maintenance, let alone the last time there was maintenance of this kind.

Nothing is ever fixed for good.


I just want my Ugly Sweater Imago

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Dana left quite a while ago.

Ahh, finally! Some good news!

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