Gears 5 security violation (#00000018h)

So for the most part I stopped playing Gears 5 as I wanted to focus on myself for a few months and I felt like checking up and playing some nice Koth and revisit the campaign in time for the supposed campaign DLC arriving this December.

For some reason, whenever I open up the game, Easy Anticheat gives me this

“gears 5 security violation (#00000018h)”

I don’t have cheats for gears, I don’t have any weird programs that I know of running in the background so what could this be? help would be majorly appreciated.

Also helps if you give as much detail as possible, such as that you are on steam and give hardware details, any diagnostic files you can.

JUst checking you have windows, Microsoft gaming services completely up to date?

I’m on steam but I’ve suspected I have hardware issues as my computer has randomly been turning off and won’t turn back on after some tinkering (reinserting ram, unplugging psu cord) but I suspect if I have some hardware failure that it’s from my ram or maybe even my PSU. I have an AMD FX 8350, 8gb ddr3 at 1663mhz and a 1050ti with an aging 400w evga psu. I have windows 10 and what is Microsoft gaming services?

Thanks Ghost

If you open up the app “windows store” and check for updates that should help if that is the issue. This can be helpful even if you are using steam when running games that use the MS architecture.

I once had a similar issue and in my case it was narrowed down to the ram stick or slot.

Have you tried Memtest86?

I’ll try it right now, I just updated my 1050ti drivers rn (2 months out of date) and it got past to the home screen before black screening and I had to restart my pc. I’ll see if I need to update it as I had troubles with Sea of Thieves also. I’m suspecting my ram sticks too, I’m thinking of upgrading to 16gb ddr3 (I simply don’t have enough for a whole new build)

I would let it run overnight, as that way you get a decent amount of passes.

If there is an issue with it, you can’t rule out it being a mobo issue initially either so I wouldn’t just run out and purchase new ram.

It is a process of elimination and does take some time.

Came back, my ram is fine. I clocked it at 1600mhz and it kept crashing when opening G5 but as soon as I lower the clock speed to 1366mhz gears 5 runs like normal (with slower ram speeds) any thoughts for why this might happen?

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Could be a few reasons, maybe an issue with your voltage, maybe your psu, mobo or something completely different, like a dodgy windows update.

Without a ton of testing it can be hard to narrow down bluescreens,

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I think I have an update pending for windows but I can never get to it. I’ll try a combination of Updating and most likely replacing my 400w EVGA psu. The PSU is about 4 years old so I think upgrading to like a 550w 80+ Bronze Certified PSU would give me breathing room for the future.

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it happened to me and I already sent out a support

Hey there, my problem ended up being that my PSU wasn’t enough for my OC GPU, it ran fine when it was at stock speeds but I ended up getting a new PSU and never had the issue again.

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oh okay

add to the list of ■■■■, I’m getting this now

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The list is getting longer and I might just make a post about it

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usually this is a hardware problem from what I’ve seen, must be a hardware issue

I tried contacting them but didn’t receive from them

Hello I am running Gears 5 on Game Pass through my PC. When I first installed the game a few years ago it worked just fine until here recently it seems. I am not exactly sure when it started having issues really.
I am getting this same error currently. I know that updating my GPU driver helped me before when this has happened but it isn’t currently. I am running Win 10 with all the latest updates. I have tried many different “solutions” that have been posted on other websites such as turning off my virus protection (which makes me cringe), and uninstalling LED light software to no avail. I have also uninstalled and reinstalled the game. Any suggestions would be great. There still may be a lighting service running but I don’t see it in my list of running services but the lights on my fans are on. I really don’t want to restore my PC to it’s original settings but will if that is what I need to do. Let me know if I can provide more info. When I had previously went to the Microsoft Store it said that all my apps were up-to-date but when I searched for Gears, it said that I had an update and after updating it, it worked just fine for a few times but I am guessing that really wasn’t the fix for it. It will eventually start if I keep trying but would like to fix it so that it would start the first time if possible.

Have you figured it out? i’ve been searching for weeks now for a solution.