Gears 5 script writer

Can anyone tell me who’s writing the script for Gears 5? I feel like I read something about it a while ago but now I can’t find anything. I know Rod always helps with the script and does rewrites, but do we know who the lead writer is?

I think @DAVID_THE_CLOWN had a hand in the script… I hear its gonna be kinda funny…


Good for him, I’m so ■■■■■■■ jealous though.

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If that’s the case, there won’t be a campaign then.


I would have hired Karen Traviss. Not only is her Gears work great, she comes from Pompey, the same as me! :wink:

I thought Pompey was destroyed by a volcano thousands of years ago? I love the idea of having an ancient Roman ash-person in charge of the gears story.

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Almost the same spelling :wink:


Yes. I was the head writer, and there are lame dad jokes every 4-5 seconds, as well as jabs and insults at TC. It’s gonna be great.

Oh yeah Tony. There shall be no Campaign. You automatically jump into MP once you open the game

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I’m offended. Why lame dad jokes? Looks like Gears will be a flop for sure now.


Don’t be such a snowflake. Dad jokes are the best. Everyone loves a good stupid punchline whist they are obliterating alien lifeforms

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Just because it’s summer time doesn’t mean this new ballsy David can come out and play.

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I don’t have time to edit it, so just replace “Director” with “David” yourselves :joy:


Like the jokes we hear in superhero movies?

Nah. I don’t watch those movies

This is the worst thread :joy::joy::joy:

That’s true for most threads that involve me

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I heard as soon as you hit A in the menu menu, you are downed.