Gears 5 Scoring/ranking

Does anyone else feel the scoring is unbalanced since this operation 2 update. Mostly caps/breaks compared to kills theres a huge difference now. Gears 4 caps were 300/200 breaks were 100 and kills 175 (+25 if executed) and they continued this into operation 1 of gears 5. I like the change in operation 2 to make kills worth more but they reduced caps/breaks to nothing and now the “top players” are just the slayers, not the players who have caps/breaks AND kills which to me is more VIP than just running around with shotgun getting kills. I’m all for keeping kills more but balance the scoring little bit, example: caps stay at 20, breaks at 10, and kills 75 instead of 175. Cant be hard to remove a digit seeing that’s all they did for caps/breaks. Happy Gearsmas

They say they did it to match the ranking value. Which means playing the objective is near meaningless lol.