Gears 5 SBMM (Skill-based Matchmaking)

So you think TC should make gears 6? really?

I don’t think the devs should be changed when the current (presumed?) trilogy still runs. I mainly care for the story which I would not expect a new developer to handle well or respect at all what was established in 4/5. For the PvP/PvE modes… I can’t expect them to not make the same mistakes that TC did and try to chase the trend train or attempt “modernization(aim adhesion🤬, and trying to implement recoil patterns while bullets from our guns still fly everywhere after a few seconds of firing - do one or the other or balance the dispersion out to be less stupid with the regular Lancer especially), amongst other things.

But I mainly mean the story aspect when I say that. If you didn’t like it or don’t care about it, fair enough.

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I respect your opinion about the story, which I don’t care since I only play gears for its multiplayer aspect. Gears 4 story sucked to be honest.
TC is uncapable of making a triple A multiplayer experience and that’s why the game failed and lost the most player base.

Story mode hasn’t impressed me since TC.

They leave out key pieces like Anya’s death or what happened to JD.

I mean these are main characters but not anymore because we have Kait…

Forced myself to play 5 campaign… & majority thinks it’s atrocious.

Everyone I’ve talked to only a handful of people were neutral or liked the campaign.

That’s why the games been dying.

They’re gonna do what the minority wants but that’s TC problem.

I’m not amazed people leave.

I just play pvp.

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Bro it’s ranked stop crying. You chose to run solo. Run stacked or get smacked. P. S. I’m always solo btw it’s just how things is. Every one is equal gnashers,lancer, and grenade stop whining and get a team for ranked.

This feedback is terrible.


It’s ranked lmao what did he expect ? Did he just start playing gears or what ? He thought his random team would be good ? He thought he would be shown mercy because ? Ha!

Did Danzo effect you that badly as a person?

I don’t expect the enemy stack to “show mercy”. I expect like any other modern working ladder system to seperate stacks with non stacks (solo/duo) and appropriately reward the solo player and appropriately “punish” aka make it harder for the stack to win. A 5 man stack shouldn’t be earning as much for a solo win as a Solo/duo, They should also be losing MORE GP for losses, or higher GP costs.

I’ve written entire essays on how a healthy ladder system grows an eco system of a game, but all the Gears forum seem to say is “stop crying and stack up” or “omg dont stop my friends playing together” not understanding how it’s detrimental to the longterm health of the game,

Then again the forums have had shocking feedback since the GoW2 days and nothing is done about it. I’d prefer to have sections of the forum where “beginner” users can post, and as feedback gets better and better they get promoted, then TC can look at consistent good posters rather then spending days trawling through dump like “get a stack and stop cry”.

It’s trash level feedback and deep down you know it.


agreed but tc isn’t fixing that NOOOO time soon. My feedback was the truth because tc isn’t gonna do anything about what you are complaining about. (sorry for the rudeness but I stand on what I said. run stacked or get smacked or be prepared to take on that whole team 1v5)

I thinks that’s a little too complicated for TC right now.

I agree it should be like that.

But the population really left gears of war…

Launch was 3 million people… now only 4,000 players a day at best…

Basically below 1% retention rate…

For now easy solution is just to squad up.

I play TDM & I’m livid with the randoms in my team…

I loved TDM… now it’s so casual it upsets me…

Was taken months ago but I had practically 25+ hours on tdm.

I loved it. Matches took 6-12 minutes for me. I did squad up in tdm but not 5stack , more like 3-4 stack & id get the bottom of the barrel 4th or 5th.

Now I can only bring 1 player.

& I’m at the mercy of 2 other players… it really upsets me so much…

TDM was my mode but now it’s more casual than ever.

My teammates don’t play the mode like a ranked game.

It’s depressing…

I’m no scrub either… 4x master in tdm & king…

But I play king now when I squad up…

Tried tdm today & just got really upset, I wasn’t having any fun & it felt like a chore…

I wish guardian was back so I could play that mode instead of TDM ranked…

Funny how they’re trashing classic game modes since the release of the franchise…

I’m at a real moot point & so is everyone in my friends list…

I love playing but lately I’ve just been getting mad.

Of course when I’m playing with a squad I accept defeat because we all tried & wasn’t given some bot to carry since I’m a high level.


Yeah. I roll in stack most times with sweaty diamonds or masters and we get matched against onxys and gold’s a lot. It’s boring cause they quit… so it no fun for them or us. I just think TC have broken this game so bad. Players don’t want to play it. So the player base is so low it just matches you against who ever. The amount of times I play stacks on 150 ping as well. Is trash! Games a mess to be honest… no new maps movement to slow new ranking GP trash and so on. The game is dead. TC have totally destroyed gears 5 from day one. And games still in beta mode a year later. Most the players I no that played gears 4 daily. Can’t stand 5 and don’t really play it. But you defo need to stack up… if no one’s on I won’t play solo… unless I’m on a smurf account. And it’s still frustrating as fxck on smurf account playing solo. That’s how broke this game is :exploding_head:

People from gears 4 never gave gears 5 a fair shake.

Only reason they go back to 4 is because the sweats play 5 & they get mad so go back to 4 where it’s a bunch of casuals.

I never played 4 all that serious but it plays exactly the same to me.

Same BS that happens every other game.

Some cosmetic differences but people suck & leave the game.

I get why they go to 4. There’s no real try hards there, majority came to 5.

That is the actual try hards. Not the casual.

Pmsl :joy::joy: so funny. I’ve never gone bk to 4… one reason is because they took the EU servers down to force us to play gears 5 or stay on 4 with 100 ping Pluss. And none of the sweats I no go bk to play 4 but a lot of them won’t play 5 cause it’s trash compared to 4. And if you think 4 plays the same as 5. Your a bad noob that’s as not got a clue. There miles apart from each other. Your just in here trolling. Or you are a bad noob…

Thank you @Z_i_i I think with enough optimistic people, SBMM can be much better than this.

Played the same for me.

Just converted my buttons to what I wanted & speeds.

I think 4 feels better to kill someone, as in graphics & audio

4 had its sweat moments, but it’s really easy to adjust to 5. Same connection issues…

At least I can say that for myself.

Lol for one gnasher don’t aim center screen like on 4. Two sniper is so easy to use on 5 it’s untrue. Movement is different as well… I could go on and on. But your the sort of Pearson who would say 1 feels the same as two feels same as 3 and so on… noob… every gears game is different. Just cause you use gnasher pistol and lancer Pluss bounce. Don’t mean that all 5 games are the same… what a tool… I’m done with this conversation. Pointless :exploding_head:

You absolutely make good points.

First and second paragraphs are spot on.

Third paragraph needs a little more thought. While all feedback is definitely not created equal, if you let a developer pretty much determine which feedback is “good enough”, you’ll end up with a self fulfilling loop of “yep we are on the right track”.

There’s a show on Netflix called The Social Dilemma. Gives us a good glimpse of this and how algorithms see what we like and give us more of it. As you cut out the feedback you don’t like, you create a loop of just reaffirming what you believe.

Well for skilled based matchmaking to truly exist it should first of all be a skill based game, but it’s far from that. Smallest community ever being punished with it’s sad matchmaking that’s designed for a huge population. Sadly since it’s not a true skilled game you got half the population on GOW 4 still, we have those suckus that never left GOW 2 Guardian, and a good chunck that said the hell with this franchise. They dont even play any gears. If I had to guess G5 is running at 1/4 of it’s desired population.

I mean I’m good at every gears of war.

I guess thinking about it you are from EU.

But I’m from the US so we don’t experience the same.