Gears 5 SBMM (Skill-based Matchmaking)

Attached above is an example of what I CONSISTENTLY run into playing SOLO ranked king of the hill versus matches… For those who don’t understand: I had two teammates leave the match in the first round who were likely upset with the lancer-play and crossing from this 5 man stack of players. These are DIAMOND RANKED PLAYERS who are matched up against me (Gold 3), and a select few Onyx and Onyx 2/3 players. Skill-based matchmaking can not possibly exist if this is the best I can consistently get from four other players against people WAY out of my league in regard to the tier ranking system. PLEASE FIX SBMM or make some sense of this hot mess we have on our hands with playing solo against 5 man teams (like disable it in the firstplace??). Expecting a response here @TC_Sera - Over a month now of this insanity and it needs attention ASAP.


lul, the Ranked-system has never worked.


are those three Onyx players on the bottom?

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Oh well

I believe so, yes. The first 5 are a diamond stack

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then it’s working as designed

as an Onyx player you have the chance to match against Silver through Masters


Lol those are my friends haha…

We have our own private chat. A small community of like 20 masters.

I play with my own click that I’ve rolled since tdm.

Honestly they just squad up. Squadding up is very important in ranked.

All it is. You roll with a squad & the game will be less frustrating.

Real easy to hit master if you only role with people you trust.

I’ve always been a master.

In past operations it was more skilled base.

But this operation it’s so easy to hit it on king of the hill I swear.

Also: maybe the quitters where diamond? But to avoid this stack with low levels so you don’t get matched with high level randoms that bring in the sweats too.

I have to play sweats even if I invite a bronze player because of my rank.

But if your o1/g3 get a stack of golds or silvers. You’ll get better luck fighting that competition so as long as the highest level in the party.


I’d play through the ■■■■■■■■ if I didn’t lose too many points and not being capped off at 1050 and only gaining 50 points after losing. Like this game already has netcode issue and all that so you’re already playing against the game and not the players at times and I really don’t fault people for quitting at times


This has been an issue ever since the new system was implemented. I can’t believe this is still being brought up everyday as if it’s a new problem.

Sorry about that, it’s just I been seeing everyone post this issue everyday for the past few months and nothing really changes… not even the players because they just keep playing it even if they know it’s bull ■■■■.

I really hope everyone gets compensation for this because a PVE player like me shouldn’t get annoyed about a PVP problem.

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Bruh. Just flex on them masters and go beast mode. Ez win

It’s just garbage that having 1 onyx with other 4 bronze players can be matched against 5 stacked masters. I see why they are teaming up, that’s the easiest way to keep being master/diamond with this system without the skill you needed before. Now anyone with 4 teammates can be master.

TC is just the worst 5hit designing and programming games. Don’t wait for the fix because they can’t even do it, let’s keep asking for microsoft to change the developer team for gears 6.

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If you want to make it a 99% chance for Gears 6 to suck, go right ahead.

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So you think TC should make gears 6? really?

I don’t think the devs should be changed when the current (presumed?) trilogy still runs. I mainly care for the story which I would not expect a new developer to handle well or respect at all what was established in 4/5. For the PvP/PvE modes… I can’t expect them to not make the same mistakes that TC did and try to chase the trend train or attempt “modernization(aim adhesion🤬, and trying to implement recoil patterns while bullets from our guns still fly everywhere after a few seconds of firing - do one or the other or balance the dispersion out to be less stupid with the regular Lancer especially), amongst other things.

But I mainly mean the story aspect when I say that. If you didn’t like it or don’t care about it, fair enough.

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I respect your opinion about the story, which I don’t care since I only play gears for its multiplayer aspect. Gears 4 story sucked to be honest.
TC is uncapable of making a triple A multiplayer experience and that’s why the game failed and lost the most player base.

Story mode hasn’t impressed me since TC.

They leave out key pieces like Anya’s death or what happened to JD.

I mean these are main characters but not anymore because we have Kait…

Forced myself to play 5 campaign… & majority thinks it’s atrocious.

Everyone I’ve talked to only a handful of people were neutral or liked the campaign.

That’s why the games been dying.

They’re gonna do what the minority wants but that’s TC problem.

I’m not amazed people leave.

I just play pvp.

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Bro it’s ranked stop crying. You chose to run solo. Run stacked or get smacked. P. S. I’m always solo btw it’s just how things is. Every one is equal gnashers,lancer, and grenade stop whining and get a team for ranked.

This feedback is terrible.


It’s ranked lmao what did he expect ? Did he just start playing gears or what ? He thought his random team would be good ? He thought he would be shown mercy because ? Ha!

Did Danzo effect you that badly as a person?