Gears 5: SAS showed off the Grenadier Elite (Locust) Here is my thoughts

I love it, of course, but I was really hoping for a Hunter Variant of that class. Why another Grenadier?

Like… what about Locust Hunter? Or Locust golden Hunter? This is what I’m talking about, this is why I feel like ■■■■ is taking forever to come out with in this game. For me personally, they always do this. They release something so god damn close to what I want but I never actually get the character that I’m really after. I’m fairly certain a crap load of people feel this way, but so far, the only locust that I really like was Stalker Armored Kantus. I’m a big fan of the Armored Kantus, but I also like the Golden Hunter and Locust hunter variations as well as Spectre Swarm Elite drone from Gears 4. Oh boy…

Well… Thx Coalition… Regardless, it is a good character. I was just so certain that our next one would be a hunter… You know… not so close to another grenadier… even though they are the same sub class or class variation or whatever.

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Grenadier Elite has been a staple since Gears 1 so it makes sense why they’d bring it back. I’m personally still hoping for the Theron Sentinel. Same reason why people want the Locust Sniper. These are classic skins that fans have attachments, too. To be fair to them they added the Bolter and the Cyclops which were havily requested skins back in the day. They finally brought Bolter to MP and returned Cyclops which hadn’t been seen since Gears 2.


I noticed they fixed the base Grenadier so he isn’t as wide.

EDIT: Might have been my wide monitor, actually.

I understand this… However… Locust sniper is… Eh… for me… Locust sentinel I don’t like because the Helmet is not very good looking at all in my opinion. For me personally, I would prefer moving on to other things and doing those characters specifically later… Only because they aren’t really that… Well… Impressive to me.

It would have been different if they would have had them released already, but they don’t, and I’m tired of waiting for Golden Hunter and Armored Kantus…
But… I get it…

I just want to know why they did gilded skins for Gears 4 to 5 promo, then in Operation 1 none of the other characters besides those got gilded. Then later Marcus and Baird got gilded…and no one else. Swarm side got ignored and not one appeared with gilded skins, except Raam.

Campaign skins should have just been added to everyone’s inventory at launch, with gilded versions being the rewards. Why the f were the swarm rewards the Gears 4 default versions. How is that a damn reward? They should have had gilded skins for everyone. Might as well, they added more in later operations anyway.

Then the winter skins came out and…only lizzie didn’t get one. Then the swarm once again got ignored with no winter skin, except the sniper or whatever it is.

The kantus got the samurai armor. No one else in the game got samuraithemed armor. The swarm drone and hunter got savage locust armor but…none of the other swarm did.

Speaker got blood red skin. No other characters did.
TC could have done the carbon fiber blue trim armor for cog, with the Swarm getting the blood red variants as a counterpart.

Outer Wilds Mac comes out…and no one else got a wild skin, while Kait, who grew up as an outsider didn’t get one.

Onyx Guard and Marcus get a carbon fiber with blue trimming armor and that’s it. Nobody else got one. We got a variant skin OF a variant skin…

New operation rolls up…and swarm Grenadier gets uir scrap metal armor…and no one else on the swarm side does.

UIR male gets a Cosmonaut skin…UIR female doesn’t.

But they flooded us with a bunch of banners, blood sprays and more marks. Marks are pointless to buy. They’re too small for you to tell what they are. May as well use a default.

You get my point. There’s a lot of stuff that TC could have released by now and didn’t. Eff the Hunter. I’d rather see the rest of the characters get variants we’ve seen. There was almost no content to get this op except old stuff in the store, but if you completed the previous tours and medal challenges like i did…then you basically have nothing to spend your coins on

Marcus was Gilded in Gears 4. He was part of the Road to Gears 5 challenges. Only Baird was a late addition. Also, the “Carbon filter,” which is the Collector’s skins, are not a counterpart to the Blood Red Speaker. Collector’s skins already exist in the Swarm team.

And while I can see your point of everyone getting Collector’s and Gilded skins, I’m pretty sure Blood Red and Ronin were designed with the characters used in mind, especially Ronin Kantus.

That’s not Outer Wilds Mac, it’s just Wilds Mac. Two different skin sets.

Well. Again, I see your point, but disagree with you wanting every variation for every character imaginable. I mean, that is alot of work dude. Almost seems unrealistic with what you are asking them to do. I get it, I truly do… But… Damn… xD

And “Eff The Hunter” You say… Um… Ok I guess… oof