Gears 5 sale (-50% PC steam)

Was that the set that would be $72 then?..rainbow swirl🤔

Nothing costs $72.

it says 700 mexican pesos… that’s very cheap… I mean considering it was 1,500 pesos .

However Im for the long run on Game Pass Ultimate , so I think Ill pass on this one.


@mike_yaworski…pointed out that the rainbow swirl full set of weapon skins at 400 iron each would equate to…$72 before tax…by the way my math is fine…and im no hater…this game is poor in everyway…but if your enjoying it…and think the store is good value…go ahead and enjoy…:thinking:

The full set of rainbow swirl doesn’t exist. Are we in real life or fantasy land?

Never said it did…was just using it as an example…iv nothing to prove to someone who’s generally just trolling…crack on eh😁

Every weapon skin thus far has been 400 iron for that set, even the non-starter weapons. Safe to say they will all be priced 400 iron when they come out.

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My original comment was a generalisation of the store…and that in my opinion it wasnt good value for money…kind of dont appreciate being made out to be a liar…id seen general comments n yours was used to point it out as reference…but your comments are appreciated thx…:grin:

Whohoo Iron is on sale…are you drunken lol?

I mean, ya (Friday night, alright!), but what does that have to do with the price of iron?

I’m still on a basically free Game Pass so even $30 is too much. :joy:


I got both the 360 and the x1 versions of GTA5 for $30 (each) in their respective release years. Game has also been on sale quite often.

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It was the museum skins, a full weapon set is 72 dollars !

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Thanks, i was just being general…as we have a store that is basically outpricing the games value 2 months after release…i wasnt sure where id seen about the skins i was referring to…but im sure theres others…some peeps on here need to wind their necks in…the one thing i always say is trolls/numpties on here are generally boring and predictable…anyway gill thx for that fella😁

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This is #FakeNews. Museum wasn’t $72,

Each item was 400. And they sold it out one by one for 400 iron. Honestly I think it’s may be equal to 45 dollars but that’s still aloy

This is inaccurate. Museum was sold in packs.

Not the lancer,gnasher, pistols skins each one was for 400 iron each , then the other was 15 dollar pack so that’s 45. I remember seeing it in game I don’t think I’m wrong but that won’t be the first.

The lancer, gnasher, and pistols were part of a loadout pack that was in the store during launch week. I don’t remember the price of the pack, but they weren’t sold individually.