Gears 5 sale (-50% PC steam)

Gears 5 -50% on steam !



Why I wasted my money for preordering ultimate edition(80€ or more I already forget) if 2 months later it 50% off.
Right, to get Halo and Terminator skins and bugged game


get it from www.cdk* and get all 5 games for £20

Waiting for iron to go back on sale.


According to a friend of mine, it already is. Something like 50£ for 10,000 Iron(just like the launch week deal), unless that was not intended and is already gone by now.

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This also appeared on the XBox UI yesterday for me at the same price - £24.99. Can’t remember which edition it was though.

Hopefully we get a decent bump in the player count between holiday sales and Operation 2 dropping soon.

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I agree. This is definitely needed. I went on custom Horde last night at around 8pm and there were only 5 pages of available matches, a lot of them had 5/5 people in, so I don’t know why they showed up and there was only 1 Elite difficulty match which had a 1 bar connection.

Finding custom Horde matches are getting harder and harder every week. Hope it gets easier soon.

Pretty aggressive move to get some PC players back on board. If Operation 2 lives up to the hype, it might just happen.

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Well, I was looking through the MS Store on Xbox in search of a game yesterday and found Gears 5 to have a 50% discount there as well, though I did not check whether there was a reason to it. So it doesn’t just seem to be Steam. Maybe that’s just a thing they’ve got going now. Wouldn’t say it’s going to last, though. Looks more like a limited time deal to me.

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Clear sign the game is under performing lol Clearly they want a numbers hike (or more cash) cuz if everything was going accordingly for them they WOULDNT drop the price! Example: GTA 5 been 60$ for about 6 years str8 (yes they update it and keep it fresh) but theres no way they’d drop the price when its doing so well.
Cash grabbin, skin making call of duty players @Devs


Ya, it’s really unheard of for video games to go on sale in late November. TC is truly desperate!


Play with us Ninja.

Will have an event tomorrow for Horde👍

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I’ll add you tonight, once I get back home from work.

welp, great price if you’re not suffering absurd amounts of crashes while playing this dumpster fire on a PC.

however, most PC players can’t even finish the bloody campaign due to crash after crash after crash.

2 months in…now more expensive to buy a full set of weapon skins…than the game…u really couldnt make it up…lmao😏


Not true. The game is currently on sale for $30. Iron is also on sale, such that $30 gets you 5,000 iron, which is more than enough for a full weapon set. Even disregarding the iron sale, a full set only costs 1,500 iron (Dark Wave being the only full set to go on sale so far). That’s the equivalent of $15 worth of non-sale iron.

Why are you Gears 5 haters so poor at math?

I beleive there was a set that came to about 72 dollars or such like…maybe wrong eh🤔

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Urban legend.