Gears 5 rundown

I for one love the change and creativity bought to gears 5. I feel shots are more acurate and the gameplay is smoother than 4. As when anything first releases there are bugs… Stop crying guys we been here before. I like the classic load out also this has bought back alot of gears players who abandoned gears cause of judgement… I am interested in what lies going forward. I would like to see free for all and wingman return. The escape mode is also fun… Horde is fun as well. Salute to the coalition job well done so far… Change nothing and just add on… Main thing that keeps a game alive is maps so the more the merrier… Its funny how ppl bashed 4 all the way til now and wish to go back to the laggy, spongey, button mashing lucky kills it had. Sorry but this has taken it back to gears where you have to know what you are doing .