Gears 5 Roster Discussion

Im seeing a trend on lack of content on gears 5 the reason people throwing shade at the game rather than its bugs. Quick question, has anyone actually took into account that gears 4 put separate character skins as a different character altogether whereas gears 5 put them as a selectable skin? Look back on gears 4 n youll see theres like only 10 different characters in that game reskinned HORRIBLY like 15 times. I unlocked every character in the game, you cant tell me theres a wide variety. Alot of you are coming off as babys who needs visuals. If gears 5 layed out character selection like 4, you people would be happy. Cuz there be more there than the starters of gears 4. Ask for quality of life bug fixes. Characters will come. Jeez.

Entire original delta squad was there at launch…
Also more than 2 female characters ignoring the halo and terminator ones

Also there’s characters TC will most likely add in the future that are already in the game. Baird, Cole Train, Paduk, Clayton. For horde/escape they probably have to make perks for each of them but why aren’t they available in verses? There in the campaign so their models don’t have to be made from scratch.

While were on the subject what the hall happened to Dizzy? I don’t think we’ve heard from him since gears 3.

I said this in another thread but I would like Ice Tea’s char to make a reappearance.

Griffin is ok but harper or rossi being in MP is long overdue.