Gears 5 Rockstar cans

Ah, some places it’s rare and others there’s so many.

Kinda like Water.

I’m in the Seattle area and still no rockstars or chips ahoy. My guess is they will show up in September.

I wish they would just show up at my doorstep on the 1st September. Life would be so easy that way.

If you have dollar general in your area that’s a good place to check for chips ahoy

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They don’t cost a $1 though right?


No they were around $2.50 a pack


For Chemical Cookies!!!

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We don’t have those :sob::sob::sob:

Here we go again… I’m getting one every day in a meal deal at local store where I work, getting a bit sick of the taste now & annoyed you have to wait until 1st Sept to see what I have won!
At this rate gonna have loads of spare ones to trade or give away :wink:

Yeah… probably best to not drink one every day :sweat_smile:

I do, its quite nice. Especially the Tropical Guava.

Indeed. Drink one every day and your receptors will burn out and then caffeine will not affect you at all. No stimulant will.

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I’m trying to figure out what to do with the liquid.

Maybe the plants can have it :sweat_smile:

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Just popped into my local asda and got a couple of the 3. The prizes end nov 29 so still plenty of time to get them. Should have a couple of codes to give away next week

I’m about to starting checking out the no name shops around here. I have a feeling they would have them instead of the big named places.

I still can’t find them in ct

Finally found my first one in the Seattle area. It was also the 1 of 6 can! Now to find the other 5. Curious to see how many cans we will need to get everything. Someone said 4 bags of chips ahoy so does anyone know how many cans?

I don’t think you actually need to find all the cans to get everything just a certain amount like last time

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That’s what I was hoping! I suppose we will find out next week!

Yep, same here. In fact, I am going out of my way and making stops that aren’t even on my normal route just to check more places. I still see Destiny 2 cans at a lot of places… I guess Rockstar doesn’t move as well as other energy drinks.

I was able to find the Kait (original) version of the chips ahoy at Kroger.

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