Gears 5 Rockstar cans

I can’t find these anywhere. I can find rockstar cans but not Gears 5 cans. Has anyone in the U.S. found any yet?

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Nope. Looking daily too.


No. Also looking daily.

Can’t find them here in Canada either…

Been to most 7-11’s around me and Quick Cheks and have found nothing. Either they have them and selling the other cans first or Rockstar is doing a terrible job giving these stores cans. I think though they will start setting them up more within the next two weeks.

Nothing in my area. I’ve even asked all the store employees about it. The truck seems to run once a week on Friday locally.

Chips Ahoy was surprisingly fast here.

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I haven’t even looked for Chips Ahoy and there is an Acme by me. Might go there and take a look and get a few

Takes 4 codes to get everything.

Yes correct. I will buy 4 and get them out of the way. My son loves cookies so it’s a win win for me.

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Yeah hopefully we start seeing them soon cause I would like to have them all before I get Gears 5.

Can u just buy the same 4 boxes of cookies to get everything or do u have 2 buy all different ones and why do they have pics of characters I thought we got those jd del and kait for buying the cookies but I guess those are probably already in the game

I pretty sure you can buy the same ones

If you could help me out with 4 codes to get all chip ahoy content or US Rockstar energy. I have a few codes for GEARS 5 UK exclusive rockstar energy.

Hmmm. We might work something out. PM me.

Look on ebay, ul probably find some there sooner or later, I got 2 & 3 still need no1, but I’m in UK, usually get this type of thing in the US first

I think the can art is the only thing exclusive to the U.k.

Guess it’s just persistence, I’m sure they are out there as some US friends of mine have found them.

I did in the UK a while back.

Yeah guys I still can’t find any here in the U.S. and I saw someone selling them on Ebay for $15 a can lmao!


I might buy some and move to the US for a few weeks :eyes:

Yeah that person selling them for that much must know how rare or should I say legendary they are to find