Gears 5 Roast of The Day

This is a competition to see who can give the best roast to the highly disappointing Gears 5 video Game. Today’s roast winner is Wavemaster2018.


"The game is the biggest garbage, I’ve been playing since the 1 hour, but the dirt they put in here is the biggest betrayal of hardcore fans, idiotic weapon system, a crappy escape mode, Horde has been completely messed up, and versus is the biggest in addition there are the microtransactions, these brain-burned idiots bring Terminator Halo character and play advertising in a gears, for me the game has died and will definitely not buy any more and go back to gears 4th, and they have not caught the popular fashion leader brought in part 4, ■■■■ Coalition one more hardcore gamer less, game deleted, 30 other friends deleted it too, "

Well said Wavemaster2018.

Closing thread as it very much doesn’t follow the forum rules. Please read them before posting again.