Gears 5 Road Map + What's Up

Morning fellow Gears
Just musing over whether we will get a road map or not. Has it been mentioned yet and I have missed it ?

I would love to have concrete/definitive confirmation of what we are to expect post launch. I think it would be safe to assume the game will receive support for the first 24 months, specifically and aggressively in the first 12-18 months.

It will ease some of my concerns (like I matter :wink: ) with map pack drops and possible story dlc . I think I have to face reality at this point and accept I am not getting my Locusts back in Horde :frowning: maybe in 5.0.

I’m suprised that we are already being told that Escape will get a new map(s) weekly. I thought TC would have learned a harsh lesson after the “issues” with 2 maps per month for 4.

Although I would imagine that several maps are already completed and “on the disk” likewise I would assume they have several mp maps including Legacy ones already build and tested.

Anyway, any thoughts.

Duff out/Locust Forever

All I know is that it would be getting the most extensive post launch support ever.

And it seems pretty obvious there won’t be Gears 1 to J Locust in Horde.

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Morning mate
I know but most extensive post launch support is such an ambiguous statement…where is the meat!

Re Horde. This just does not make sense as we have Brumak’s and Beserkers in it, I don’t care if they have different names, we are also getting Sires.
Horde should have everything thrown at it. As we all know it is not cannon and doesn’t need to be. I really fail to understand any real and legitimate reason we do not have them other than Rod wanting his own take on Horde. BUT he was there from the getgo with 1.0 and always championed the mode.

Anyway I’m sure we both don’t want to get into this discussion again, there are thread after thread and post after post about it :+1:

Cheers for reply :slight_smile:

“Duff Out.”

#BusterOut!™: Am I a joke to you?

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Never mate :+1:

You can add Locust Forever if it makes you feel any better :fist:

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Is it an esthetic thing for you? I mean, what is the reason you want the Locust in Horde?

I would imagine the reason for not including them comes down to the AI behaviors, by which I mean very few Locust would do anything different behaviorally than what we already encounter via the Swarm or Deebees.



This first image technically didn’t happen. So not sure how that is lore. Unless you’re trying imply the lack of variety from where they only show Drones and Myrrah with Prescott?

Honestly mate I really did not and do not want this thread to be about Horde, hence me stating that in my original post. It was a throw away joke for anyone that knows I always bang on about 2.0 and Gears 3 specifically.

I really was hoping to have a thread where we could discuss the Road Map. The last thread we had on this was from 2017 from what I could see and only had a few posts.

Re pictures. Monday morning pictures of the Queen and Locusts…what is not to like :wink:

I’d expect a What’s Up on Thursday the 5th. So few days. Not sure about Road Map because it’s too early.

It would be good to know what the next few weeks / 3 months holds for Gears.


Just to go over the eSports schedule too.

The Escape maps every week are essentially pointless. They’re making them in the map builder, you can do that yourself or play ones other players have made :rofl:

Nah Buster, you’re a joke to me :smile:

They’ll likely be using the map builder for the weekly escape maps so it will be alot easier than hand crafting new versus/horde maps.

We know that we’ll eventually be able to use the map builder for versus/horde maps so Im a bit concerned that TC will use that for new versus maps instead of hand crafting them but I guess we’ll have to wait to see how robust the map builder becomes as they add new tilesets.

Imma gonna go lock myself up in my Raven and fly into Tower One.

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Wow. That is morbid

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Because um, that’s the way (uh-huh uh-huh) i like it.

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