Gears 5 Rework is Great. However, I would like to address something. nothing new

Had to repost, Wasn’t sure if anybody saw this lol. Thought it may have glitched out.

I love the update that came into Gears 5. I really do, this is a incredible step forward in my opinion. As the title implies though my biggest thing at this point is just being able to play as my OG Armored Kantus and having my Golden Hunter.

I am a huge locust fan and we are what? 9 months into the game and I feel like we have had to spend so much time “Fixing” the game for obvious reasons and the whole PvE original setup made it so getting characters and stuff was incredibly slow, but even now I don’t really see a difference with that really. With that being said, I just am getting so tired of waiting for ONE character every 6 months for the locust that I actually want. I understand there is many characters that people will never want to see go and that we all want to see in the game, It’s just taking so god damn long.

SAS Shadowz said something to me directly in a comment section of one his videos and said something about 2 to 3 years worth for more content. When I heard that I was excited, but also thinking to myself “Holy hell, imagine waiting 2 years for one character that I already have in Gears 4.” You know what I mean peeps? There is other characters I want too but I am mainly only looking at a couple. I am not asking much and because of that, it may seem to me like I’m not getting much of what I’m asking for even though they are delivering quite a bit, generally speaking, so it’s hard for me to not be a little… Subjective? I guess…

I just feel like I should have at least ONE of the characters that I so desperately want and really badass reskins of him like Chrome steel and whatnot. Speaking of which, I noticed Collectors edition characters are seemingly supposed to be a Non-Esports reskin variation. But uh… They are really bad in my opinion. Like Blue and black? Red and Gold? Uh… Not exactly good color combinations, they are rather ■■■■■■, no offense coalition. What about White and Gold? Or Black and Gold? Anyways, I don’t mean to complain all the time, I just really wish I had my characters, and I’m not asking for many :confused: Which might be why it feels like it is taking so long. Anyways, I wish I had more time but I got to go to work and I may go back to gears 4 and play other games, But I still plan on logging in everyday and doing the tour, just to make sure I don’t miss anything. I have hope for Gears 5 :slight_smile: Much more than I did originally. It just looks like it is going to take a very… very… VERY… long time to get even one of my characters lol.