Gears 5 rewards

Are they being transferred over to gears 5 aswell?

Its my understanding that gilded Raam and the weapon skins connected to the Raam challenge will be transferred to gears 5.


There will also be a few more custom skins that will be available through GOW4 challenges which will also be transferable to GOW5. No news on what they will be yet.

TC have said that everything that is already out - launch skins, series 2-3, eSports etc… none of that will be transferable. Only Gilded RAAM, the black phantom weapons and whatever TC have planned in the near future which is earnable via challenges will transfer over.

That’s not to say we won’t get any current characters returning in GOW5 - just they won’t be transferable and will be acquired in other ways when GOW5 is out.

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