Gears 5 rewards newbie players

I am getting 96 / 99 % damage given and I continue to get one shotted by newbie players behind cover. What the heck? I know i don’t have crappy internet, just a crappy connection to the server. Players with a 100 ping outplay my 32 ping due to lag.

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same ■■■■ here

This isnt new to Gears 5. It was way worse in Gears 4.


Have you ever played Gears before?


I’ve played since gears one. You made an assumption. That makes your opinion invalid. :grin:

Isn’t there some health & damage bonus given to all the new players?

I’m fairly sure this has been a feature in Gears 4 and was definitely in Gears 3 with the “Casual” gamemode?

Yeah its so strange how TC figured out who the new players are and are able to give them the bonus but still can’t figure out how to keep ALL low or high pingers together

No, no there is not.

What bollocks is this?

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Okay, let’s have a look at what you’ve posted.

“Gears 5 rewards newbie players”.

You then go on to say several things about internet connection, lag, and ping.

What fresh bollocks are you talking about? Are you equating lag and high pings to players being new?! Do all new players have high ping? Is high ping the equivalent of a “Hi I’m new here!” badge?

“I know I don’t have crappy internet, just a crappy connection to the server.” What does this even mean?!

Next, @ll_R_E_D_l asks you if you have played Gears before. You then say “You made an assumption”. No that’s not an assumption. That’s a question. He’s asking you a question.


Your opinion was invalid the moment you signed up for these forums and thought this post was a good idea.

It’s right up there with the user who posted that everyone who is better than them is cheating.


You make my day with a lot of your responses :+1::+1::+1:

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I’m just trying to figure out when it is you are no longer a new player and stop getting that bonus ?:thinking:

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There is no bonus for new players.


I think some of the posts here went right over some heads

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Not at all.

We know exactly what’s going on.

(Stop locking quality posts @GhostofDelta2. I’m getting sick and tired of your nonsense! @ll_R_E_D_l and I want it to stop!)

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Please post constructive feedback in the official thread :slight_smile:

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