Gears 5 reviews xbox store

Not to be a whiner here but it seems to me that’s a load of bull, 5 stars basically. They paying people to put good reviews or something haha.

This has been the worse gears I’ve ever played and many can agree but it’s got 5 stars :joy::joy::joy::joy:


That’s the name of the game
Put fake reviews on the store and pretend it’s a good game


Well, there might be people who genuinely enjoy this game.

Just because a bunch of people don’t like the game doesn’t mean others don’t. It also doesn’t mean the reviews are fake or paid either.


Microsoft has been cleaning the bad reviews for a while now, Whenever it reaches critical bad, there is wipe and voila! 5 star rating game.

They did this on December last year also, I know for a fact because my 1 star review mysteriously vanished. The game has gotten a whole lot better but still far from 5 star.


It’s shady marketing but companies have the ability to remove negative reviews and promote positive ones. It’s why I don’t trust customer reviews anymore. When I research a product now I look for various different opinions on it outside of the reviews it has on the companies site or store.


I don’t know if this is manipulated the majority that gave 5 stars played only a few minutes others didn’t even play but it’s not the first time that a game with so many problems mysteriously without any criticism

It’s got a better review than red dead 2 and cod modern warfare, not saying I prefer cod to gears but the game is definitely better by far.

It’s shady as ■■■■ seeing as my review was removed twice


Well there’s also to question the nature of your review.

What was the content you put up, along the lines of “Gears 5 is trash and bad,” or something more knowledgeable and understanding amidst critical claims and weak praises. I’m not saying this is what you put up and had taken down, but it is important to know the difference.

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this isn’t the first time they’ve scrubbed the review section

Upon release, it had a tremendous amount of negative reviews. They all got erased magically and replaced with 5 stars like no tomorrow. The game certainly got better but I would give if a 3.5-4 stars.


If they fix the most pressing bugs, I’d give it that too.

First you assume that is what I wrote and then you backtrack and say you wasn’t saying that. Either you are or you ain’t.
But no I wrote everything that was wrong with the game at launch.
My second review was more detailed.
Current review is the same.

Current Steam review score is 6/10. The Microsoft Store reviews for PC were below 2.5/5 before Microsoft deleted most of the bad reviews. If you posted your review based on things like microtransactions (the iron system) or reviewed based on game’s stability (driver crashes, bad performance, etc) your review got deleted. They only kept reviews pertaining to the actual content of the game. Just look at the Steam score to judge, as Microsoft can’t touch those reviews.

Keyword is the assumption “If”.

The system is complete bull. It won’t even allow you to give the game a 1 star rating.

I tried many times and it kept rejecting it, giving an error.

I changed to the score and the system sent it right thru.

Always take reviews with a grain of salt, there are plenty of cases where companies (in general, not specifically the gaming industry) paid people to give the highest scores possible. On the other hand, plenty of companies have been trolled by angry people to give the lowest scores. I remember reading about cases where a doctor would recommend vaccinations and shorty after seeing his business being bombarded by low Google Reviews from anti-vaxxers. Only use constructive reviews, preferable providing positive and negative points. Ignore the rest.

The newcomers to this series might have enjoyed this game, hence they might have given it a 5 star rating.

I don’t know why 1 star and 2 star reviews aren’t showing up.
Although I did hear some rumors about Microsoft censoring all bad reviews if the said review was posted under their flagship titles (Halo, GOW, Forza etc.)

Again, its just rumors, so I don’t know if the claim is valid or not…

Constructive or not, a review shouldn’t be censored by Microsoft either way. Only verified buyers are allowed to post a review, so there is a less chance of that buyer to be a bot.

Bottomline: instead of expecting anyone else to play the game for you do it yourself, I tell folks constantly that Gears 5 is a 10/10 ign experience to highlight that they basically play the game for 1 day then give an in depth review so its basically worthless and doesn’t speak to the overall quality of the game.

We moan about gears but it’s still a solid 4/5 to me

They still know how to release a fantastic campaign

Well it’s Microsoft’s property now, they can choose to do what they want with the reviews.

This isn’t Tc’s concern.

Want to change it, go after MS for what many would believe is poor company practice.