Gears 5 Retro Wave skin. I want it so badly now... I didn't realize how good it actually looked

THIS WAS FEATURED. I realized it wasn’t an Esports skin. My bad… But if this was featured, how come it isn’t in the Operation 4 tab? or Weapon skins tab… Will they put it there? TC please give me this skin!!! Very few skins appeal to me in this game, that is one of them.

Because it was reintroduced in the featured tab

what? Yeah I already said that… it was in feature.

I was answering your second question. Featured items dont get moved to the OP 4 tab

I dont think you’ll see it til OP 5

The Operation Section features EVERY item released in the current Operation

Once the Operation is over all content either moves to the permanent collection or will be temporarily unavailable until it comes back in the newly-added Featured Section. This section brings back select items from previous Operations which will be rotated weekly.

um… Yes they do… If I recall… Galaxy is there… Isn’t it? along with District? Oh wait… those may have been new but not featured…


Well that’s too bad. I missed it twice. Well that pretty much nails the coffin shut for any hope I had of getting the full set :confused:

I just don’t get how I got the Lancer one but nothing else

Mod Edit - homosexuality is not a stand in for an insult

uh oh flag incoming

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god I hope so. Get some snowflakes in here

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Lmao “that’s gay”. Yeah it is pretty lame idrk why they just dont add it to the past content Tabs. Probably a U.I. issue.

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it’s coalition bro… and it’s a live service game… It always is going to make zero sense with how content is released into this game. or any game for that matter… Sigh The good old days… when 90 percent of content was released at launch… now we get 5 percent at launch and get spoon fed and if we miss it, then we never get it… how stupid…

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These eSports skins are seriously mediocre compared to what Gears of War 4 had to offer, and that’s me being nice.

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