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Gears 5 Reduced input lag on Versus?


(TGLT Clutch) #1

There’s probably been a post about what gears 5 needs for multiplayer and some people mentioned input lag. @soulcalibr did some input lag tests on Gears UE and Gears 4 on PC and xbox and posted them on the old forums .

It showed that the xbox one version of GoW 4 had around 50 ms more delay than PC 60fps with Vsync ON.

GoW UE was fine and was similar to PC version with 60fps and Vsync.

Would TC mind reducing the amount of old frames that are forced to display? (from 3 to 2 or 1) 2= ~33ms 1= ~16ms

I believe this is possible since the engine(UE4) has been updated and improved , TC learned more about how UE4 works (they pretty much learnt how to turn off melee in OSOK one year after release) and UE didn’t have this.

At least I hope we get to choose between smooth-looking-higher input lag or some fps drops(on Xbox 1st revision) and way less input lag.[fps drops to around low 50’s, which could be fixed by increasing resolution downscale and optimizing how textures are being streamed]