Gears 5 RE-UP Hacking Is Getting To Common + NEEDS To Stop - TC Please Read

Gears of War 5 is being ruined with a portion of players leveling up using hacks. NOT the Lethal Engagement 1st kill ribbon trick.

The problem with this is that re-up numbers is typically a symbol of game time. During such game time, experience is gained - map awareness, understanding of teams, enemies, hero’s abilities, ultimate’s and cards and most importantly strategy. When players use this hack for re-up 30, 35, 50 and play like true garbage it becomes a problem. They need to go back to beginner to play the game properly.

What I find interesting is that Grace and Lizzie and Padduk barriers are “a problem” to the Coalition but this isn’t. I Lap The Flash and these Gears content creators are so desperate for cheap views (which catches on with the community and then the studio fixes it) but they haven’t covered this.

These re-up hacks should be fixed in order to keep the player pool within some integrity. All this leads to is more kicking players from lobbies with high re-ups as they are so bad at the game and ruin the game experience.

This needs exposing and patching.


First I’ve heard of this hack. Not saying it doesn’t exist tho.

I’ve only seen or heard of a minimal number of people breaking into the 40s or even hitting 50. Is this something that’s becoming more common?

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Very common. I see it more. High re-ups, 35, 40, 50. It’s unnatural and unhealthy to get to those levels by playing the game normally. If not impossible.

Only way I can see it is by playing Master Horde over and over and over and over and over again. I think I’m at 18 and I’m exclusively on PvP

What are you referring to by hack? A script to run games? Some other external software people exploited to get more XP than naturally possible? Please provide more details.

And there are various ways of grinding XP to get them faster within means the game provides that require no exploits. Some easier or faster than others.


It’s not playing the game properly by normal means therefore an exploit.

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So… doing solo runs on The Clock or other hives with Boomshot/GL/Salvo to get Hail Mary ribbons which still requires getting to the end(along which other ribbons are obtained), or using Marcus’ ult to get Hat Trick ribbons isn’t “legit”, but walking up to an enemy on Master Escape and killing it, restarting and backing out which requires basically no player skills and not even to level a character’s skills up either, is?

I really don’t understand what you’re trying to get at…


You will likely get a wall of silence here. I’ve bought this up a few times but it gets ignored. From what I can tell, this forum is full of XP exploiters (not so bad), versus exclusive cry babies (usually refer to themselves as 06 vets) and out and out cheaters by using external devices to “play” the game for them.

I hope something gets changed - i did all of the gears 4 achievements in about 7 months - I’m a year into gears 5, playing almost every day and I’m re-up 26 - many many hours (months) away from getting the re-up and versus achievements.

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Neither of you have clarified what these “XP exploits” are and why you have an issue with these so called exploits.


At the start of the game it was escape idling, then it was “death from beyond” ribbon farming and Jack idling in horde. I don’t have much of an issue with ribbon farming as it is a game mechanic, I just wish there was a fun way of doing it whilst still earning XP and skill cards at the same time.

On that we agree, but I don’t think it is appropriate for people to throw around terms such as “XP exploits” and expect them to be fixed while saying nothing about what they are. Leaving it that broad you might as well be saying to fix all ways people use to earn XP outside of playing for fun.


I’m not really sure what OP is refering to. People who cheat should have their accounts banned. I could name a few active forum members who admit on another forum they use these cheating device(s). People who exploit XP and are absolutely useless on horde and escape because of low level cards, is a different matter. I’ve played with plenty of people with high level cards and are absolutely useless too…


Well if people are using scripts or anything other to run the game for them for XP farms, that’s something I don’t find ok.

And apparently I have offended the OP through trying to inquire what they’re on about. “Pseudo-intellectual flex”, yeah right. Because trying to make out what the point is or to make the thread actually helpful is so wrong.


Agreed. The OP says something to the effect of “this needs exposing”, but doesn’t go into any detail and doesn’t even attempt to “expose” these players so to speak, instead just explaining the obvious - that the Reup emblem can be misleading to other players. What they also forget, which they touch on briefly is that the Reup symbol is mostly an indication of time spent playing (and also modes played), and while time spent usually equals to a gradual improvement in ability and skill, we all have an eventual plateau where we just reach our limits. Some players also don’t have much desire to improve beyond a certain point - they’re happy playing on lower difficulties, or are happy doing repetitive Surge/Clock runs.

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I doubt they’re “hacks”, more so exploits using features already in the game.

The only way I can think of possibly hacking your XP would be to edit incoming / outgoing packets.

You can see this type of hacking done with that Escape exploit where you can get times below 0, like -1m00s by not allowing packets to be sent back to TC’s servers, therefor allowing you to manipulate the COG tags,

Thing is, the server doesn’t check if those tags have been collected the same way XP would be checked.

XP is checked when you get a kill, complete a level, make a ranked placement, pick up a collectible, etc.

XP would be checked for every encounter and checked with your last known XP to see if a user has manipulated it in anyway. If a kill is 100XP, but you got 101XP on a kill, it’d trigger some sort of flag, and you’d probably be banned.

TL;DR: You can’t hack your XP the way you’re thinking of it. People that are re-up 20+ are not hackers.

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Here is a flaw in the argument

Gears 5 is essentially 4 sub games. 3 of those sub games give XP. You could get all your XP in any one of them and be terrible at the others. Making the re-up and level you are complete pointless for the purpose of understanding how good someone might be.

For example. I’m re-up 21. I’ve gained that XP from Horde and Escape. I’ve played a total of 6 hours in Versus. I’m awful at that. Do people see me join their team and think I should be good because I’m re-up 21?

And aside from all of that if someone is exploiting a game to get xp with out hacking it then that’s fine isn’t it? First kill ribbon etc

And aside from that, how about we just be an inclusive gaming group and help others out?


Hi. I’m not saying they are script or hacking the code. Hacking is just a term like Life Hacking or how to make money vs 9-5 the hardway.

TC can put something in place to stop repeat gameplay methods exploits to avoid this.

Interesting. How did you find out about this? It’s probably why there’s is TOP 0% with negative -5 hours.

I was on the forums and people were saying there were negative times and they were annoyed by them.

So I looked it up on YouTube and found it.

Any yes, that’s why.

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There is a disconnect here…

You say in your OP:

But then you just said:

So do you want TC to put a stop to repeated gameplay methods like the Lethal Engagements first kill ribbon or not?

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Lethal Engagement is the known method but that’s not what people are doing for extreme re-ups 30+ every 1-2 days all the way to re-up 50. It’s getting more and more common. It’s not normal or healthy or even possible.

The game should recognize when exploits such as that is being done over and over.
I’m not bothered. Please read the original post as to the real issue with this exploit.