Gears 5 re: selling for pc

I sure hope Microsoft sells Gears 5 with a tag that explicitly states: If playing on PC, you will experience many crashes. The only fix we have that isn’t even a 90% fix is to downgrade your drivers.

Such great optimization for PC…

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I thought that when they announced Play Anywhere at E3 2016, that meant that Gears 4 was going to get a decent PC port, after UE had a rubbish port, was dead after the first couple of weeks, and crashed a lot.

Obviously not. Add the: we wont fix this issue for certain drivers for a year, and even then not full fix the problem, and you are good to go :joy:

I’m curious but why hasnt pc players demanded compensation from Microsoft of this issue? Not once I have seen people taking this stance.

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I downloaded gears UE to try it out. Couldn’t even finish the download let alone install it on Win10.

They refunded without any hassle.

So there’s that. Not that I’m standing up for Msoft because I think they pull a lot of ■■■■■■■■.

I’ll get Gears 5 for PC when it comes out, but if it crashes more than 3 times then I’m demanding a refund. AAA games should NOT have this issue and the “fix” definitely shouldn’t be downgrading your drivers.

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I think some did demand a refund, but it didn’t get much publicity because it wasn’t a big player base and it was released after Gears UE, quite close to Gears 4 release.

most of the times, the crash cannot be seen until it is far beyond a returnable digital release time-frame. at least in the US, this is a problem.
also, no one WANTS to give the game back, we want a working game 100% of the time, so getting our money back hasn’t really been at the forefront of everyone’s thoughts on this matter. Although, that has probably been to our detriment.