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Gears 5 Ranking system needs reworked silver shouldn't be average rank gold should be lol

Obviously it needs to be worked on and reworked asap especially the Silver ranks but honestly once you get out of Silver after the so called “re-calibration” its not an issue at all I’m Onyx plus in every mode and Master in TDM and I haven’t been reset or lost points since I was in silver ranks… so maybe I’m just lucky I don’t know

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Agreed. Gold was the average in gears 4, it should be in 5.

I say this as an onyx 3 player currently (TDM).

My friends are stuck in silver, and in my opinion, they are at least gold tier players.

I’m not even sure if their rank is the thing that is getting them down. It’s the constant losing of points when they play well, logging on and losing 1000 points after their first game where they played well and won etc.

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The ranking is so broken. Two matches in a row with round wins where I lose points and the other team was favored and I was the best on my team. We are talking winning a round and losing 300 points…WTF!?

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TC needs to be clear about what it is that constitutes a “good game” and a “bad game” and what stats the system is looking at.

I do also tend to think a lot of people overestimate how well they do in games due to Elims being a new stat. I see people go “I went 20-8” when that could easily mean 8-8 with 12 assists. That wouldn’t be a good game.