Gears 5 ranking system Masters Rank?

So yeah finally finished my 5 games of king of the hill and got Masters Rank lol. Haven’t played gears in years especially using a controller since i switched to pc. Just want to wish everyone good luck with the ranking system as it’s currently lagging a little i heard.

My twitch is: ArmadylanTheKing

@III_EnVii_III Why don’t you have this?


I actually didn’t know Masters Rank existed and I don’t know how i works but i have a feeling it’s for the top 100 players. Correct me if i’m wrong please. Also I really don’t know how i got this rank but yeah :grimacing::joy:

No offense, but the ranking system is completely bugged right now and ranks genuinely mean nothing. People get demoted for destroying the competition if the enemy quits. And there’s a lot more wrong with it than that.

But yes, Masters is for top 100.


I stopped playing tbh,

Went back to Gears 4 and so much more fun.

Even with the 3 hour wait times for a game thanks to TC :laughing:


I ranked onix 3, and even though I was not a better player in the match I won several positive and lost some getting positive and my rank drops dramatically

I am a Bronze 1 master myself


Join the club


Wow. I really caught up to you quick Mike


Good lad. I have gone from “master” ( I like that :wink: ) Bronze 1 to silver 2, and everything in between so far, in 2 matches… well maybe a few more.

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haha, I saw (in one of Angry’s videos) how @mike_yaworski got bronze placement??? that’s gotta be the biggest joke I’ve ever seen, re Gears ranking…

( I LOVED how enthusiastically and repeatedly you prasied the new weapon tuning :slight_smile: )

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Oh yeah I’m assuming you were watching the stream lol. I’m at the bottom 10% of Bronze 1 right now and couldn’t be happier about it :joy:

But yeah I’m just so happy that we’re all finally playing the same weapon tuning again. And it feels great as well. I don’t care that it’s too strong in some situations. It’s worth having that as a small downside.

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I’m not being funny but when I’m top of my team in the leader board with the highest score, caps and kills in KOTH, against a team that’s favoured to win and I get only 23 points for winning, something ain’t right.
People are saying “you obviously didn’t perform well, it’s based on personal performance”… HOW CAN I BE ANY BETTER THAN TEAM / MATCH MVP?!
In Gears 4 I was stuck in Onyx 2 despite beating many Diamond players.
Now in Gears 5 im stuck in Silver 1 despite performing really well.

I played 6 hours yesterday and earned a total 500 Points. It took me less time to go from Silver 2 to Onyx 2 in Gears 4.



So as far as I’ve noticed, it’s all about the kill death ratio. It is personal performance and kill death ratio. It also seems to factor in who it is you’re playing against. So say you get an mvp against a buncha gold players while in onyx or diamond, you won’t gain as many points as if you were playing against someone with a higher rank. I went from Silver 2 to masters in 2 days. I had an average of 18 kills per match with less than 8 deaths each time. I managed to be MVP in at least 7/10 matches and I was on a WILD winning streak and won about 8 games in a row as MVP. I also remember a game where I was playing people clearly high ranked and my k/d was awful. I had ended the game with 7k8d and still gained a rank. For some reason the game seems to be aware of who it is that’s doing the pushing. I read that you’re more rewarded for aggressive style vs more conservative/camping styles. In StarcraftII the game kept track of APM(actions per minute) and I feel that this game is also factoring in the APM’s of each player during the match.

All in all, I still don’t get it