Gears 5 Ranking System Is Trash. Worst I've Seen

The ranking systems in ranked versus match is a complete abomination. How you determine the tier points is complete rubbish.

Example. You go 20-0 in a match get MVP, win the rounds 2-1 but lose -250 points. The ranking system is so inconsistent.

What happens when players quit. There are times 2 quit but you still do your best have a positive K/D gets a lot of points and only just lose and you’re still penalized hugely for people quitting which has nothing to do with your own performance.

How the ranking system currently is, really turns me off from playing because it’s so frustrating. You dominate games, lose points, other game you lose bad but get points. It’s messed up.


You lose points if the other team wuits aswell.

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Yes. Ranking system is complete garbage. I went MVP today it was over 4 rounds due to one stalemate died only 4 times. We only just lost and but i still lost -822 teir points. That’s just BS.