Gears 5 - Ranking playlist changes

There’s no way we’re getting the numbers, but I highly doubt Escalation has a higher player count than Guardian. It’s only being kept because it’s the “competitive mode” and ranked is supposed to be the competitive playlist.

Still… ■■■■■■ changes made to our precious Guardian may be the reason why the population count dwindled over the years. Let’s try and fix the mode before just axing it.


I would have made a few changes to Guardian.

  1. If the enemy leader is being pushed by the opposing team there is no close proximity spawning on the leader. The enemy team would spawn at a random spot which will keep the other leader on high alert.

  2. If you’re dead but are going to respawn, you should still respawn even if your leader dies for the chance to clutch it. This isn’t as important as the above but it would be nice.

#1 is just too important and I know many have told me the way it is now hurt the mode. Which I agree. You go to shoot the leader and his teammate spawns right in front of him, with spawn protection, and proceeds to eat the bullet and kill you.

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Guardian should of never been removed. How is the population low? I never have an issue finding a game at anytime and I’m on pc.
Should of removed escalation.
Guardian is and was my game type since gears 2 and all they should do is make guardian make it play like it was in 2 or 3.
Terrible decision.
Sad day


I was hoping to see some experimental changes in the guardian social event.

I just saw super fast respawn times. Nothing else.

Would have been nice to experiment with Spawn swapping, spawning away from leader in fight, or something crazy like guardian has more health but less speed to spice it up and see what people like.

I want to see the numbers for Guardian and Escalation, there’s no way in hell that sorry excuse for a game mode has more players than Guardian.


Ever since launch I have been asking TC to have rotating modes in Ranked if they really want to consolidate the Rank playlist. Every week change this mode throughout the Operation. Guardian>Dodgeball>Execution

KOTH, TDM, Escalation, 2v2 , (Rotating Mode)

I don’t see the point of even having this mode in the playlist. the Pro’s are practicing in Private Lobbies anyway.

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I don’t understand why a new mode was required. Execution took plenty of skill.

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Because TC…

That’s really really really dumb, Only enjoyed playing Guardian. I’ll try Gridiron, but removing Guardian just turns me off from pvp. Not a fan of anything else ranked has to offer (aside from in small pieces) also it’s all just respawning modes with no real objective now (I’m not counting standing in a circle :confused:)

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Not a fan of this idea because it doesn’t really solve the problem.

I do agree with you regarding Escalation.

Estimated wait time for Guardian is 2 minutes in the UK, Escalation is 60+ minutes, get rid of Escalation if you want to remove a dead game mode from ranked.


lol, what happens next Operation when THAT new mode launches? this is going to be a vicious cycle if TC doesn’t stop kicking the can down the road

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Forget cans, this is juggling. Postpone ranked FFA, cycle out Guardian but not forever, remove flash from loadout but not forever.

See @GhostofDelta2 this is what I meant by “TC should just go about their business and not talk to the community.” Because their messaging is full of contradictions. I enjoy this game but these patch notes and updates are not fun to read for the community.

Except for me. I’m here for the gifs.

Before you know it by September, this game will end up like Gears UE pc by having 1 game mode to play being cycled weekly koth amd tdm and that’s about it cause TC is a winner.




Be interesting to see what people’s stats look like for this.


You and 9 other people keeping Execution alive :rofl:


Well, when they find an appropriate ranking system for FFA, then they will have solved the mystery to them about how to score ranked performance.


If it’s an individual ranking, rank that persons performance.


Gridiron better be good, otherwise I’m gonna turn into one of the negative people here until Guardian comes back lol, as for execution I honestly didnt know I played it that much lol