Gears 5 Ranking fix found, please tell the devs

dear people, i dont know how stupid TC can be , but they have allowed hackers to overtake rankings,

look at picture below, its impossible to get the number in number one spot. hence why rankings puts us in silver. any comments appreciated.

this is the same for other parts of the ranking system, if it be k/d , eliminations, points.

i keep going down evn though i am mvp every round.


I’m pretty sure everyone has some type of weird glitch number on top of Rank. A person whom I played with in the past only played the placement matches than quit playing. He was only like a silver one but on my Rank list for KOTH he has a average of 60 caps per min. He doesn’t cheat, Hell he doesn’t even play this game anymore. I honestly haven’t really looked at in game rank stats for a min though. It could of change but I doubt it. It has to be a glitch maybe that is why rank is so messed up maybe not. Hopefully what they said they found is correct, if not they’ll be hearing it from the base. Can’t hurt to forward that to them on Twitter also.

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I agree.

Even with cheating, it’s literally impossible to get 120 kills in a minute on gears.

It’s just another bug


i agree , i did not realise it may be a bug and not cheating, but its frustrating.

The only thing we can do is ignore this stuff until they fix the ranking system.

I hope they don’t have to reset stats or history too though. I worked my damn butt off to get to masters and want to be able to show I did that in season 1, even with all the bugs in the ranking system making it take longer than it should have.

just for the record , i maintain i am the best player in the world, unfortunately i don’t have a team so can never advance my dream

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The leader boards have been bugged from the start and pretty much all stats show impossible numbers like in the screenshot.
If they are basing ranks on this data, it is no wonder the ranking system is wonky.

I’ve wondered if it posting stats (like points per minute) on games that were quit before they start is giving some odd results that are messing with calculations.

The points per minute stat shown at the end of each game (including failed games) is your overall PPM for the mode in question, not your per game PPM. At least for versus.

I would prefer to see my PPM for individual games though. I can see my overall PPM via the stats page.

It’s either a bug or just a strange design decision. I think it’s the latter

All I can add is the old “lose the first round, then win overall” bug is KILLING ME right now. Four matches in a row earlier my team lost the first round then came back to win, lost over a thousand points every match and now I’m showing as top 97%, even though we won every game and I was among the top 3 players in every match.

I’m just gonna mess with a bit of horde/escape until this is sorted. If I rank down through no fault of my own I am likely to full rage-quit this game.

Imagine releasing a product where one of it’s major factors was completely broken. Now also imagine said factor still being broken months after release.

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no need to imagine , its now a reality. ( i know the sarcasm was there)

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