Gears 5 ranking bug

The past few games I’ve went from 28% Masters tier in King of The Hill to Onyx 3. I’ve received MVP with a win in all the games that supposedly deranked me. I’m furious because it’s a long grind to rank up and I’m deranking at an incredible rate. The coalition please if you’re reading this, help me understand what’s going on. Has anyone else had this deranking bug on other game modes?



I’m top 1% in almost every category in King of The Hill, even with the update there’s no way I should be deranking almost a full rank a game

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I don’t know what to tell you, it is an intentional correction of the ranking system.

I had the same thing happen to me. From onyx 3 top 15% to gold 1 in 3 games all while gaining points. I’m also missing 3k points so ya wtf gears

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Same here went from 1# in master in guardian and now I’m a sliver f that I refuse to play it and rank up again after my hard work and even if I wanted too the system if I lose or win it just de ranks me by tiers wow lol

Very infuriating, not wanting to play on my Masters in KOTH/TDM to see what happens. Execution went from 15K down to 5K, that first grind out of silver was more than enough. They must’ve thought the experience was so grand that I get to do it again!

It wouldn’t be a massive issue if they reset across the board for every one. But it only seemed to have happened to higher ranked players. And also y WTF could they have let us know that they were adjusting the system, its Gears… Microsoft… have a mf news window pop up like the 4th 1 there not small or broke by any means. It’s a fkn joke tbh.

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something happened the night of 10/8 or early morning 10/9. users have experienced a big change in rank for no reason at all. this is separate from the update they mentioned on 10/3. they need to tell us wtf is going on.