Gears 5 ranked system

Please fix ranking system it makes playing as a team not fun when u win and loose points even tho i mvp and win i still get minus

Ive been loosing 700-2000 points for winning for over 3 weeks now. Im also one of those players stuck in silver too. Its like, the better I do the worse my rank goes up. So fun

I hope the fixes for this come out soon. Nearly all my friends have practically stopped playing due to this.

We have a lot of fun together too. It’s just this system that puts a downer on their experience.

Fingers crossed that they get it working correctly sometime in November…

Their intention is to not reward stacks who win automatically due to them being stacked.

It should definitely be tougher to rank up as a team. The way to move up in ranking as a team should be to play vs other teams but the population of the game simply doesn’t allow for that to happen as often as desired.