Gears 5 Ranked System is broken! please help fix it!

1 i was playing a RANKED match with a friend!

2 we were winning the match and on second round some one quit on enemy team forcing all on my team to suffer for what some one else did!

3 NO ONE should suffer for a single person on enemy or even ally team WHO IS WINNING!

4 i dont know if it is to where in verses RANKED that if a single person quits ALL on both teams get punished and loos coins! if some one can clarify that where the whole game CRASHES or is canceled or what.
can some one explain what FULLY happens when some one quits? i mean dose every one on both sides get nailed? how dose that work???

5 gears of war 4 has a far better system of ranked than gears 5 and the GNASHER and LANCER are fr far far better but thats just what i think.

6 im sick of this… gears ranked system. NO ONE should be punished for the rage quit of a single person on enemy team!

7 i dont like saying this but i was thinking of saying somthing on twitter about how broken gears 5 ranked is! however. i have no clue if twitter barking dose any good.

8 and finally im glad… in a way that governments are cracking down on game companys for loot boxes. sadly coalition still has them in gears for for real world cash. im ok if loot boxes are IN GAME CURRENCY ONLY! but i do hope coalition understands. there fines of 500 million dollars that E.A. got hit with. you really should get rid of cash for loot boxes. just make them gold only and im happy :slight_smile:

Agreed. Also, can you guys fix the matching system? How the heck does a bronze get teamed up with onyx or diamonds. That person or if they are teamed with a diamond, should have to play the lower ranks. It’s not fair to the team who worked their way up to onyx and diamonds to be teamed with a bronze, sooner or lower gold levels. I can see a gold 3 with onyx. But bronze!!!?? Seriously, 99% of the time they cost the team the match and score. So why allow that?
Let’s say I’m diamond, if I decide to team up with a bronze ans search for matches in let’s say TDM, then the pair should be matched with to bronze, silvers and that’s it, I don’t care that one player is a diamond, they are carrying their lower ranked team mates and at times it costs the others unfairly

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Unfortunately I don’t think tc will ever get the rank system right its way to easy to hit max ranks and of course the match making will always be 1 team smoking another team hardly any balance.


Then there’s the issue of why should a team that is losing be punished even more for a bad teammate who quits when there was still a chance to coordinate and win.

The arguments go both ways. Surely most of us on here have experienced getting stuck with a streak of teams with one or more quitter and getting deranked because of it. Unless you only played in stacks.

People seem to forget the gears 4 rank system was flawed too. This new rank system seems to remove the confusion of people from deranking even when they win, but in gears 4 I’ve had times where I also deranked because I wasn’t winning, even if played well as a solo.

It seems like no system has been perfect so far

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sorry, you’re off screen phone pic terrible. are you a Bronze 1 ?

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