Gears 5 - ranked stuck at silver 1%

So i have must of won 18 games in a row (while having 1%) with my friends in ranked tdm. I even got mvp some games yet im still 1%? What gives? Is anyone else stuck like me? I hope all my wins are backlogged because i should be silver 3 or even gold.

For the ignorant (me), what does percentage mean?

Your place in the rank table is a %. 1% means you’re number 1 in your rank (out of 100).

Instead of a rank system no one understood, they are showing you this time specifically where you are at all times and how many points you either win or lose each game you play.

Is there a list that details the amount of skill points needed for each rank?

Each game you play you either win or lose points, the ones at the top of the list will be promoted.

There is no fixed number of points, just beat the people on your list.

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Ooh okay, I misunderstood it then lol.